Let's learn from healthy family coexistence to overcome any difficulty among humanity / Personal reflection

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Greetings my dear readers, in spite of the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic among all of us, man in difficult times goes to the healthy family coexistence in special times (like Christmas) to achieve an adequate balance among so many difficulties at a planetary level, and without a doubt, the tradition of Christmas has left us a deep mark difficult to erase and very positive to put into practice in such difficult moments.

In this opportunity I want to share with you an important topic as it is the healthy coexistence between all of us since this way we have learned that everything is possible when we are able to unite and to row all in the same direction, without concerning the force of the current against us, I am sure that a prudent time must pass to be able to overcome this terrible evil of the pandemic of the Covid-19, although it continues with its hard attack against the humanity.

We must learn from all this and then go to a firm restructuring at a planetary level and understand that we are living beings of the same species and that we can all occupy this wonderful planet called planet Earth, and that some understand that disagreements will always exist between families no matter how close they are, but, the key to success will always be in the permanent communication and decision making together.

Let's learn from the healthy family coexistence beyond the special times, and expand this balanced coexistence to all the species of our planet, only this way we can leave our children and grandchildren a better world, to take care of the Covid-19 and learn all together.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.



Hello friend, a nice publication, it is good to see you in another facet, certainly the pandemic brought us an impressive change, but as you say the family union can against many things, there will always be difficult moments, but the most important thing is to have someone to face them with. Thank you for sharing it. Greetings!

Greetings friend @franyeligonzalez.
Thanks to you for such a motivating comment and for the suggestion, man or humanity has always resorted to the family union in difficult moments like the one we are living with the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the love of our loved ones we will have the strength to move forward.

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@tipu curate 5

We must learn from all this and then go to a firm restructuring at a planetary level and understand that we are living beings of the same species and that we can all occupy this wonderful planet called planet Earth

I think that you are right about that. In such a world wide crisis, it's worth to rethink everything and maybe build a better world for the future generations

That's right my friend, we must learn from the difficult times to be more united as a society and as a human species.

Thank you for your valuable contribution. Successes.

I agree fully, the union of family can help us get through these difficult times. We need to always see the blessing we have which include our family, it makes it easier to deal with what we are missing when thinking about difficult situations like the current pandemic. Stay safe and well.

You are absolutely right @awah, the family feeling is our real reason for sub-sistence and energy to face any difficulty.
Thank you for your very moving comment, Successes.

Greetings dear friend @rbalzan79

The healthy family coexistence makes us grow as people and gives us the possibility to fill our homes with abundant harmony. Beautiful family, may God bless you always.

Greetings dear friend @lupafilotaxia.

You are absolutely right true family love allows us to be better human beings, thank you for your good wishes and equally many blessings for you and your lovely family. Successes brother.

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Greetings is very timely to share your reflection and the importance of family health, as it is a fundamental pillar within the projects and planning of our lives for the achievement of success

Greetings friend @newton66.
That's right always the familiar sharing fills our being and allows us to overcome any adversity.
Thank you brother for such an important comment.