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When you open WhatsApp you get a screen for you to accept the new terms and conditions, at the moment it is not mandatory to accept them, but as of February 8 you will not be able to use it if you do not accept the terms, so we must know about these new interesting changes that happen in This platform, although the screen to accept only has 3 updates, the issue is deeper than it seems.

Basically will happen with this change is that it will now be mandatory to share your WhatsApp data with Facebook, but we must not confuse your data with your chats, the chats will continue to be encrypted which means that no one except the sender and receiver of the message will have access to it, or at least that's what they say from the company.

What if you are going to share with Facebook is information such as your phone number, your name and how you interact with other users of the platform, including companies, they will also identify your mobile device with your IP address to know if you use other devices in your Wi-Fi network and thus identify what type of user you are, now, why do they want to identify you? , to sell you products, to send you advertising and to be effective, remember that the way Facebook has to generate money is the sale of advertising ads.

In theory they will not offer you advertisements regarding your conversations, but they will create profiles with all the additional information that they will now have, in addition it will also allow some WhatsApp conversations to be managed from the Facebook profile, the idea is to integrate the two platforms for the user's convenience but more so that the advertising of companies and services is more effective. something in the style of Instagram that merge your chat with Messenger.



They will also monitor WhatsApp payments to know how much and to whom you paid and with that information create a better profile, these real people who want to sell us products are some giants of social networks and advertising now I understand why they have suffered so many antitrust lawsuits in recent months .

Thank's for read

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Yay... Let's give more of our personal data to our tech overlord so that they could make more money using said data.

Are they going to ask for our souls next?

maybe my friend hahahaha, thank's for read

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When I first read the article, I thought about integration and how humanity is moving faster and faster towards a more united world, but after thinking about it I realized the power that the owners of these services will have over people's lives. it's certainly a very scary future

I'm scared too, they have too much power, governments should give it a stop, thank's for read

Hello friend, in my opinion they want to control people even more, but I am particularly aware of this and it does not affect me, I do not use facebook much so I only use WhatsApp to communicate with my family, I do not think that is something that can prevent me from continuing to use the application. In the end they are in control of many things and that is out of our hands.