The case of Stefan Tomas and his 7 thousand lost Bitcoins

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Greetings, beautiful community, we are going to explain the case of Mr. Stefan Tomas, who has 2 attempts left to find out his Iron Key password with 7 thousand Bitcoin, which is approximately 220 million dollars.

The question with this German programmer who lives in the USA in 2011 was hired to make an informative animated video about bitcoin, one of these classic videos where a bank appears and is crossed out with an X and animations come out and everyone is happy, well They paid this man to make that video with BTC and they gave him 7 thousand, I imagine he would be upset at that time because BTC was not worth much, but today it is a millionaire fortune.

Our protagonist does not know what to do and must be unable to sleep thinking that he will spend his money when he has access to it, Mr. Tomas is an example of how complicated it can be for someone be their own bank, it is believed that 20% of The BTC are in lost wallets and that sum amounts to 140 billion dollars, Mr. Tomas claims that we cannot make our own shoes, so he asks, can we be our own bank?

Personally, I think that Mr. Tomas is a victim of his own stupidity and must accept it, instead of criticizing blockchain technology, there are companies like Wallet Recovery Services that are responsible for recovering lost passwords and have declared that they have received many requests in recent weeks, as well as Companies that are in charge of managing third-party BTCs are growing, the serious solution, go back to the banking system? where someone else charges you for managing your money.



I think that with a good education, everyone can manage their wallets in the proper way, I am sure that time will prove me right, as for Mr. Tomas he only has 2 attempts left and if he fails, the information will be encrypted so that he will not be able to access never to her, fortunately for Mr. Tomas, the head of Facebook security offered to help him for 10% of the total Bitcoin, which for me is an offer that I should accept.

Thank's for read

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Hello @ramsesuchila
This is tremendous.
I would have asked for help from those who know about these things long ago. 10% of the total amount. 700bitcoin, still a lot left over said
I would also accept that proposal instead of playing with losing such an amount.
Going back to the banks after being in this cryptography world is not an option for me.
I'm responsible for my own, it's the best thing.

I take the offer from the head of facebook security without thinking twice, thanks for read my friend,

Just curious, if creators of IRONKEY can not do anything about this? if offered maybe 20-30% of all saved BTC
Just curious...

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I think they do not offer that service, it is the idea of ​​iron key which is a flash memory where you save information, I am very curious to know what will happen with that I will be following that news, thank's for read

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I believe that if Mr. Tomas is acting in a stingy way by not giving a percentage for help, if it were my case I would put a reward of 30% of the BTC to whoever manages to open the wallet, that would awaken the collective , if you do it you can see that from so many attempts someone will find your password

a very generous reward I would offer 20% hahaha thanks for read

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