Robinhood App | Generate 700 million dollars this 2020

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The Robinhood application is a commission-free investing, it is a tool that helps you put your money in circulation and although it has some limitations, its interface is very simple and friendly so the idea is that anyone can use it so that anyone can invest in the world of Wall Street.

Lately my head has exploded, with this type of business where the product is offered to customers for free, we already know that nothing can be free so if you do not pay for the product then the product is you, this is the case of The Robinhood application that generated 700 million dollars in this pandemic year, while most lost money, these people raised their profits like never before, let's see the secret of their success.

A few years ago commission-free investing was allowed in the United States, but nobody wanted to enter that business, the people of Robinhood saw an opportunity because they developed an easy-to-use application that is totally free and they generate profits by selling their users' information to the wolves of Wall Street, so it was at least for 2018 without much financial success, until this year due to the pandemic the United States government issued financial aid checks for $ 1,200 and many of the beneficiaries had months with their Robinhood application installed, So they decided to try their luck on the stock market through Robinhood.



Many would say that it was certain luck because it was impossible to foresee that so many people would get $ 1200 and since everything was closed, it limited their options to spend it and finally decided to invest it through the Robinhood application because they had weeks and months with it installed, it was familiar to them and they decided to try their luck, where the big winner was Robinhood, one of the companies that won during this year's disaster. I think we have a lot to learn from this type of business and I am sure that in the future companies will seek to generate greater market share through this type of free service practice.

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Thanks for the post. Is it useful for trading?

of course , cryptocurrencies too

Lovely then.

I don't know if we can use it in Canada?

only USA , sorry

Hello @ramsesuchiha
This information management thing is key to making money these days. And not only that, but knowing how to use it. Because there is a lot of information circulating on the Internet, we all have access to it, but not everyone makes use of it and benefits from it.
They won, many lost, that's the reality.

The one who handles the information well achieves success, Thank's for read buddy.

some time ago i tried to enter robinhood but this platform only allowed you to operate on it if you were from the united states so although it is very good it has that limitation, now if the app is for everyone it would be a genius.

You must reside in the United States, you must also have a visa or be a United States resident, unfortunate, but that's the way it is, you must fit in with a friend who meets the requirements to help you, thanks for read