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I love cinema, for me the seventh art is my great hobby and a while ago I saw the movie "the founder" is a biographical film about the story of how Raymond Albert Kroc built the McDonald's empire , the key to success in This businessman who was not a financial genius, nor did he have a new original idea, his key to success was perseverance.

Mr. Ray Kroc always sought success from an early age he tried to sell ideas to investors and banks, with his paper goods company, so when he started selling the idea of ​​McDonald's at age 52 he was not taken seriously by some investors, But this did not stop Mr. Ray Kroc he has the key quality of success, perseverance.

Mr. Ray Kroc saw in the restaurant of the Mcdonald's brothers and in their service Speedee Service System, an idea of ​​which he appropriated and knew how to sell , this proves that you don't need to be a genius, because it was the McDonald's brothers who were the geniuses and in the end of all history they only kept 3 million dollars while Ray Kroc, earned more than 500 million dollars, for Kroc it was not easy, everyone always said no and he insisted, he persevered, he won.
Mr. Ray Kroc don't have a great education, he don't know about numbers but he knew how to identify who did know and knew how to absorb him into his organization and his team, we are talking about Mr. Harry J. Sonneborn, a genius who when Ray Kroc was in trouble in beginning of McDonald's history, this man Harry reviewed the contract with the McDonald's brothers and devised a real estate strategy that take to McDonald's and Ray Kroc financial success.

It must be recognized that Ray Kroc knew how to identify a potential business in McDonald's and that is why he ventured on that trip, but where anyone would have given up this man kept trying, the great lesson is that while we face problems we should not give up, Mr. Ray Kroc listen to a motivational album where the speaker told him over and over again that perseverance was the key to success, he put it into practice and got good results.



I have been in this platform for some years and i don't have the success i would like, i don't feel like a publishing genius, but I will take Mr. Ray Kroc's life advice and persevere until I achieve success, since I have the support of the @projecthope family i started to improve and with perseverance on my side i will get where i want to go, i invite you to join me.

Thank's for read

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Very good advice for success is to persevere and seek support from positive people

That's right, friend, we must surround ourselves with positive people, thanks for read

Certainly, the more we do not believe we have been defeated, the more we have to keep on fighting, that sense of struggle is the perseverance to achieve success, of so much insistence the objectives are achieved. Greetings and thanks for sharing

only lose if we give up, while we are trying we will have a chance of success, thanks for read

I also liked the film and the story behind it, the character is really an example of struggle and perseverance, because as you say, you don't necessarily have to be a genius to be successful, you need to know how to take advantage of opportunities and work for what you want.

I'm glad you enjoyed that movie, in that same line you can also see Steve Jobs, thanks for read