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How many times has it happened to you that you find an error in a PDF file, how many times have you wanted to change something simple like a date in a PDF file, but have not been able to because the characteristic of a PDF file is that it cannot be modified, I think It is the main reason why many take their files to PDF, well my friends here is a tool that can help you, I will talk about PDF escape.

It is a PDF document editor that works from your web browser, you do not need to download anything you just have to upload your PDF document to the website, for that you have to click the select file button and wait for the application to process it, after that You have a toolbar at the top left divided into 3 sections: insert, annotate and page, where you can expand the editing options by clicking the more button.

You can cut, adjust, delete pages from your PDF document, you can also add images, text, add links, encrypt and sign documents using a skanner; to some extent we can say that it is a design program.



It is a useful tool for some cases, if you have been looking for a free way to modify a PDF file this is your opportunity to try it without downloads and totally free, I think that the creators of this type of software usually wait for many people to start using it and then put a paid version and monetize your product, so don't wait too long to try it.

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