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Greetings community I have time listening to jokes and memes on social networks, about this social network, which specializes in adult content, well rather in fulfilling the fetishes of the users, so I did my research on this social network and here is the Explanation.

OnlyFans is created in 2016 by Tim Stokely, the original idea was to create a space where influencers could sell exclusive content to their followers, the user pays a monthly fee to access the exclusive content of the content creator, the price is set by the creator of content from $ 5 to $ 50.

Although OnlyFans seeks to connect the user with the content creator, something in the style of uber and Airbnb but much better business model because you can only rent the house or car to a single person or a group at a time, instead a selfie or a video has the same cost of being shown to one person as to 5,000. The platform pays the content creator 80% of what it generates, and after operating costs only fans have 12% of profits left.

There were already influencers selling photos in exchange for money, leaving links to contact their followers, OnlyFans realizes this problem and decides to solve this situation, to make life easier for influencers and users. In 2018 Leonid Radvinsky acquires 75% of OnlyFans, who already had experience in the world of adult content and realizes the possibilities of OnlyFans taking it to another level.

In 2020, OnlyFans billed 1.2 billion dollars, with a net profit of 150 million dollars, the platform has 50 million users and 660 thousand content creators, it is expected that in the future the figure will increase. But if there is already free pornography, why people pay?



People really pay to be able to connect with their content creators, OnlyFans is more than an adult and nude content site, it is about creating that connection, about satisfying the need to interact of users with content creators, a concept Quite interesting in my opinion and that has proven to be very lucrative, most influencers have declared that people pay more to talk to them than to see their naked photos or videos.

Thank's for read

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Woah, that is some huge they made, $150 million. I have noticed onlyfans and its wonders some years back. I don't think Patron will be able to meet its level. Adult contents sells more than educational contents (hahaha).

Great content @ramsesuchiha, I just learned new things about Onlyfans. Thanks for sharing.

That's right, it's a millionaire business, thanks for read

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A post about the business side of onlyfans that isn't straight clickbait? Have an upvote

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Thanks for the upvote , I was intrigued to know why people pay if there is already a lot of content for adult, thank's for read

Hi @ramsesuchila
Adult content has always been a multi-million dollar industry. Free or paying.
But being able to talk to the protagonists of these films, or even those who have posed for a photo, seems to be very attractive, according to what you propose in this post.

It is an idea that the creators of this platform knew how to exploit, thanks for read

Hi friend, I didn't really know that app, but like all adult content it's something that always sells, and I find it most normal even though many people still see it as a taboo. Greetings!

there are many things in the world that we don't know friend, thanks for read

The oldest and most profitable business has become famous and much more profitable digitally.

And your research was to pay a membership to know how the content is?

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hahhaa I don't have money to pay for a membership, maybe one day I'll do it out of curiosity, thanks for read