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Greetings my beautiful people, talking to a dear friend he told me something that made me think, he says look you know that jhon our mutual friend is in a very good business and has won a lot, I ask him what it is, he tells me I do not know very well but I know that Jhon buys a quota of $ 100 and that generates 20% of monthly profit for interest, it is a Swiss bank and Jhon has several quotas and has a capital of 1500 dollars. He started with a capital of $ 300 more than a year ago and we don't know if what he has continued to do is only inject capital into these people.

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Jhon loged into a system, checks his balances and we know that he has withdrawn money, they give him a ticket and withdraws money, we have no more information about Jhon and we cannot ask him either.

Do you think Jhon is being scammed?

I know there are many scams, surely hundreds of them if not miles, the movie with Robert De Niro where he plays Mr. Bernard Madoff in the movie "The Wizard of Lies" explains very well what a pyramid is.

In pyramid scams you take a person's money suppose 100 dollars and you tell them to earn 20% monthly, then this person when seeing so much alleged profit will look for more people or put more money, then you let him withdraw his 20% profit, money that you take out of their own 100 dollars and give them 20 dollars, this person is happy and looks for more money, then you let him calmly withdraw from his own money and create a false system, where people log in and look at numbers on a computer that is not They are real, they look and see that they have a thousand dollars but in reality the money does not exist, sometimes someone decides to withdraw the money and the pyramid allows it so that there is no scandal there and to continue with the scheme, but at some point when the system is not sustainable, people are faced with the sad reality that they were scammed.

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In my personal opinion, a 20% monthly return for a passive profit is rare, so I decided to start my own research, join me from now on and let's try to discover what is the business in which Jhon invested?

Thank's for reading

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I invite you to visit Project.hope

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