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Greetings dear community, this pandemic has pushed part of the population to submerge in new economic seas, personally I stopped buying food in restaurants and I know that many people too , so when I started to cook my food and my desserts I realized how cheap can be a dish that would be quite expensive in a restaurant.

Many have realized that selling food from home can be a profitable business and it is something that already exists, this called Dark Kitchen, the term refers to ghost kitchens, there is no restaurant, there are no waiters, the business consists of bringing the customer the Food at home and cooked from your home or from somewhere else . I am thinking at some point in my life to have my Dark Kitchen for that I must first learn to cook better, but if you want to venture into this world I am going to give you these useful tips.

Phase # 1 Decide on a food sector, if it Chinese or Mexican food or hamburgers or pizzas but you do not have an excessive menu, sometimes less is more, you have to be sure of the dish you want to sell, remember that Mc Donald's at first only sold hamburger and french fries.

Phase # 2 You must differentiate yourself from the competition, you can give your food a healthy touch and sell Fit food, also food like Grandma is something attractive, food for parties or food for a movie night. You must associate your product with a reward for happiness in people.

Phase # 3 I don't recommend paid marketing strategies, you must use your networks and those of your friends and thus improve your menu according to their opinion, then you can make promotions of the type if you recommend the food to someone and buy, yours is free .

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At this point you should be focused on reducing costs, selling more and getting more customers. As the latter is more difficult, you must make promotions to sell more to the customers you already have, with discount coupons and making the menu cheaper on certain days.

Finally, if your business grows, don't forget to sign up for uber eats, rapid express and others like that, I don't know when but I know that one day I will have my Dark kitchen, I say goodbye dear community.

Thank's for read

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how interesting how things are adapting to the needs of consumers, no doubt that for many people who love cooking and have very good taste when it comes to cooking this niche market can be very useful, on the other hand is the first time I read the term "dark kitchen".

Yes, well, now everything has a name and apart from the things that before already had names, the name is changed, that's how the world is crazy

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I have several friends who are in this world and the truth is that I think it is something nice but it is not for everyone, particularly I do not like the kitchen hehehehe just to eat, I'm not a good cook. But it is a great idea, I think that any business that is done with love and perseverance should bear great fruit, especially if it is food.


surely you will have some dish that you cook masterfully, thanks for read