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Our dear Google photos has announced the end of unlimited storage, I personally have my whole life in this application, I have all my photos and videos there, so I decided to look for alternatives to avoid having to pay and save that money, so here share those 3 alternatives with you.


It is an online storage service, you can use it through its website or through a free application, it has 1 tera of free storage where you can upload photos, videos and music. It has a fairly simple interface, you can organize your folders and browse your photo collection; The most interesting thing is the smart album function where according to the photos the algorithm groups them together, for example, photos where the sky appears, it also has the function of automatically uploading the photos as Google photos did.




It can be used through its official site or through the web application, totally free, it has 100GB of free storage and you can expand it by recommending it to your friends, a detail of this application is that after 90 days without having activity they can delete you account, the appearance of advertising banners while using Degoo is also very constant.

Amazon photos

If the folks at Amazon offer the same Google photos service, a totally unlimited storage service, the big difference is that it is not free, but it comes bundled with the Amazon prime service, which includes free shipping, Amazon prime video and Amazon photos. . Which is quite interesting since many people have Amazon prime and are unaware of this service; It has a very good interface and many options to organize your photos.



Personally I am going to start using Dubox, it seems to me the most complete service although you always have the option of paying for Google photos and quietly continue with its service, if you want you can do like me and experiment with other services, thank god there is competition and other companies want market share so they offer free services, a real shame that I don't have an Amazon prime account, I would have liked to try it.

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Dubox is pretty effective.

Nice tips, @ramsesuchiha.

I'm using it and I'm liking it, thanks for read

Hi friend, I didn't really know the second one, they are great tools, our photographs are something very precious or at least for me they are. It's always good to have good storage. Greetings and thanks for sharing.

hi dear friend, try them all and keep the one you like the most, thanks for read

Greetings @ramsesuchiha

I did not know that google, has planned to end the unlimited storage, I will go to check I have valuable information stored on this platform, thanks for sharing this useful publication, greetings we continue reading.