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RE: Experiencing the new normal.

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Dear @wiseagent
Let me disagree a little bit with you
I think the fact that Covid 19 has spread highly rapid in some regions of the world make people overestimate it ... Of course, I COMPLETELY agree with you on the need to adhere to the rules of social detachment at the present time
However, Contrary to what my colleagues said in the comments, I don't believe that these rules" are here to stay"...

We, as a human race, have managed to overcome many previous pandemics thousands of years ago even without the help of science.
It is not the first time.
Over thousands of years, the Earth has subjected to many and many pandemics that were much more severe than Covid-19 and after a period of time, all these pandemics faded into oblivion.
For example, In 1918, earth were exposed to the so-called Spanish flu pandemic(was far more fierce than Coved-19). More than 50 million people were killed and social detachment rules were firmly imposed at that time all over the world
After the end of 1920 the influence of the epidemic began to fade and the rules of social separation began to be forgotten


In the same way, I think (or call it hope) that by 2021 or 2022 this current pandemic will begin to fade...
And the "new normal" will be no differet from the "old normal" life.
At least I wish so...

welcome to the PH community :)


It's okay to disagree, @qsyal... After all, we are here to discuss our point of views, right? Thanks for the welcome.

So, many of the rules that are essential today to overcome this problem, in the future may not be (after the virus no longer exists or can be fought with vaccines), but I think - at the very least - society will be suspicious for a long time and because of this, a new type of behavior will influence many people's routine actions.

Thanks for dropping by and this amazing comment. Stay safe.