Tips for good management at work

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The behavior that is had in any work activity must be exemplary. Below we will show some keys to improve work performance.

Trying not to make mistakes, especially in our workplace, is an important step to establish excellent relationships and develop in the best way

On some occasions in our lives we have made mistakes, some more serious than others, and we have borne the consequences that these acts gave us.

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We will therefore talk about those attitudes and behaviors that should never appear in the workplace, since, according to the regulations that a company has, such actions can lead to dismissals or exemplary sanctions.

Simultaneously with the established rules and regulations known to all employees, there are others that are thus not written in a document, must be fully complied with and are an important part of maintaining order and discipline at all levels of the organization.

We refer to those "ethical" norms that must be present in all of us. They are those that allow us to differentiate "good or bad" behaviors and attitudes, according to the intention or degree with which they are carried out and the well-being or discomfort they may cause.

Job performance and commitment

There are many attitudes that can denote a lack of dedication and commitment to a company. We can point out some such as being late for work, not participating in meetings that have been scheduled in advance, not trying a little more to fulfill duties better, presenting a bad personal appearance in the workplace, generating discord and indiscipline, etc.

It is pertinent to clarify that the rules vary from one company to another according to the culture of each one of them. This means that a rule that is not so important in one company, in another may be the most significant and the one that employees respect the most. For example, it may be that in one company, being late is not a serious offense since the work carried out there does not warrant it, but in another, the repetition of this absence may lead to the dismissal of the employee.

Of course, there are actions more serious than others and therefore the intensity of the punishment or sanction. For example, disclosing confidential company information can cause the company to take legal action towards the person who committed the offense and, on the other hand, a heated discussion by 2 employees at the workplace may simply merit a verbal wake-up call .

Another aspect that bothers a lot within an organization is the lack of commitment and dedication of its workers. Likewise, the fact that an employee speaks ill of the company, does not obey the procedures and does not comply with the measures that are taken, causes a lot of discomfort within the company. Without forgetting, of course, the dissatisfaction and sadness that occurs when knowing that an employee has been betrayed.

Good manners, key in job performance

It is also a cause of discomfort if a worker is rude and does not present good manners. Many people treat their co-workers badly, swear, and their behavior leaves much to be desired. Order, discipline and good manners are qualities that a company looks for in all its employees. You don't need people who are insulting others and predisposing all staff.

It is known the importance in modern times of adapting to the new requirements that a company needs and implements. The fact that an employee does not see an innovation with good eyes or does not collaborate for its perfect adaptation, is an attitude that goes against the wishes of the organization and very surely the worker who presents this action will be removed from the organization.

The fact that an individual presents the attitude that we mentioned above will not meet the objectives of the company and his neither. Non-tolerance to change means that a person does not develop their skills and therefore does not emerge and end up living totally alone.

A key factor in job performance; use Technology Tools

Correctly managing the technological resources that a company has, is an action that is also highly valued by an organization. Good use of the telephone, the Internet, photocopiers, faxes, etc., must exist in every company and each one of the workers must strive to ensure that they are used properly and for the main purpose for which they are there.

Finally, it is necessary to clarify that depending on the way we act, success will be seen both in our life and in our work environment. Maintaining an impeccable behavior in all the tasks that we carry out, we will grow and develop all our capacities, allowing our journey through this world to be the best possible.


This is such a nice post. If I may add, I will like to see you surprising your workers especially those putting in much labour to see your business hitting apex. Once you encourage them with such token, others will want to maintain such habit so they can get reward too.