How to Succeed In the Business and Economy World at Interviews

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Hello beautiful people. Hope you all aready doing amazingly well today. Well in the business world today, a lot of people fail to realize what is expected of them. We have graduates and we have graduates, what I mean here is, we have educated graduates and uneducated graduates. I say this to many people who complain about not getting a good job or failing interviews. For some, it is due to their carriage, for some, it is due to their organization, also to some, it is due to their spoken English while for some, it is due to their local way or inability to face a panel of interviewers.

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I'll be talking about how to approach interview questions when you have an opportunity to come across any. There are some normal questions interviewers ask applicants which many people fail to prepare for and therefore fail in delivering the right answers properly. Remember

If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail

Moving on to the kind of questions people are being asked at interviews. First of all, you have to dress well to anyou interview no matter the kind of job they are offering. A clean shirt, trouser/skirt, a simple tie for men and a good silent shoe. Remember you are to just look good and you do not want to distract people with your appearance. You can use a light perfume, not the one that will catch attention but just a little to smell nice. Then, when you enter into the interview room, you wait for the panel to offer you a seat before you sit.

Now to the questions. The first question is usually

"Can we meet you?"

This question simply requires you to tell them your name, date of birth, state of origin, university, course of study and about few other educational background, hobbies and work experience majorly. You just have to explain all these in a simple and straight forward way for them to understand. Remember to be lively in your approach and do not fidget while talking. The following questions might not be exactly according to how they ask but it pops up frequently.

The next question is

"What do you know about our company/organization"

Your response to this should be the positive aspect of their company, of course they do not expect you to say anything negative about them even if there is. You can talk about the history, the founder, location and if they have other branch offices, and other positive things about them generally. Therefore, this requires you to search and know more about the company before going for that interview.

Another question frequently asked is

"Why do you want to work with us?"

Your reply to this should be you wanting to move with the success of the company and also ready to add your input to the growth and success of the company. Together with the above question is

"Why should we hire you?"

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If I'm asked the above question, I would say "I believe I have an excellent spirit and wherever I find myself, excellence is sure going to be experienced there. And here, I know I will excel and affect the organization positively to foster a win-win situation." How sweet does that sound? I bet you love it.

Lastly, you might be asked

"What is/are your strenght(s) and weakness(es)?"

You can freestyle here, telling them how fast you learn, how you have a good customer relationship management skill, and the likes so far its relatiing to their company and job offer. When talking about your weakness, try not to be too smart, let them know you are human and is bound to make mistakes. You could say something like you might not be able to focus on many things at a time but make sure you establish the fact that you are working on your weakness. Viola! There you go. I hope with this few points of mine, I've been able to engage you and make you understand new things in the business and economy world to succeed.

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Many people are really missing this tip for their interview and this has caused many the jobs they should get to be lost

Seriously, people need orientation.

True.. people actually need to learn about interview before entering the labour market

Very good post. E just go well to read. Any ways when going for an interview, two things are important for me. Your knowledge of my company and what you can offer to the company. Make the company want you basically