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From many ways of seeing things and our reality, we have the evolution of knowledge and what also as we assume our conception of truth, we see how our tour is based on principles to link our judgment and the truth, let's just think how it was evolution of the Conception of the truth, only analyzing each historical moment of humanity by different cultures was adopting its Conception of truth, what must be assumed first is the truth is the coincidence between a statement and the facts, or the reality to which said affirmation refers to or fidelity to an idea, how truth is approached at the level of science in this context, a phase of experimental research is carried out with the purpose of establishing a hypothesis and verifying that truth raised in order to talk about it. reality. In the field of Economics, how truth is handled is based on establishing an assumption to respond to economic phenomena through the behavior of variables, in order to then be able to determine an alternative and projection of a truth of what should be supported by another discipline of science .

In the field of medicine, how is the truth approached? Thanks for the antecedents of a history, it shows all the data and registration of a truth about an investigation, either of a disease and a cure, which could be its effects, and all under one criterion. of a scientific method, it is very interesting how almost all the Conception of truth always tries to see its certainty in a rational way and deduction from logic, for the case of technology before it was seen as out of reality, but in truth the reality It is another, his truth is the following friend who is a technical support, tools, instruments that allow us to save time and resources and every day with each innovation he shows us a new truth and knowledge. As it would be then the truth in the business world lies in the following position could generate confidence in the market and internal confidence based on the truth that shows the behavior of a market, the truth that shows us the behavior of the consumer, less shows a economic reality and that information will be our reality to handle it as our truth, it can be reversed or we can wait longer, justice for all cases does not symbolize that it is blind but for every being sees and makes its judgment determines its truth, we have seen different approach to the Conception of truth.



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Truth contains certain paradigms that have been studied historically by great philosophers, which is why I consider it a convenient topic to deal with from the philosophical point of view. Greetings and thanks for sharing.