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RE: Perhaps the confinement that humanity has experienced due to the covid-19 pandemic is the greatest psychological impact in human history

in Project HOPE5 months ago

This period has been the most testing on our mental health, the number of suicide cases, depression, domestic violence all have been on an extreme high. Not everyone has the same capability of managing this situation and as you mention the 2 most impacted are the old and the people cut off from technology, which is so true. I also see that children are also getting impacted due to confinement for an extended period. It is a scaring situation for our future. Being in a positive state of mental and emotional health is the most important.


A very wise comment that you share with us @nainaztengra, since it is really frightening, that is why it is necessary to have enough courage to be able to face the adversities that are coming to us as humanity. Greetings and thanks for your valuable contribution.