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RE: New technology on intelligent fracturing system for the petroleum industry

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The real-time 3D scanning method seems to me the most contributing feature. I believe that unlike traditional hydraulic method, SmartFleet saves a lot of physical and financial resources. I even think that it can reduce the hiring of labor, as well as effects related to the environmental impact.


Hello @nachomolina.

I agree 100% with you, since having a 3D vision of the deposit allows the operators to be able to place the pumping of the fracturing fluid exactly in the desired place, even as you say, minimizing environmental risks such as contamination of fresh water aquifers.

Excellent your contribution as you give a good contribution to this article.

Greetings and thanks for commenting.

Claro amigo! Gran avance para el control de sólidos y efluentes, así como, aporte increíble para la ingeniería.
Saludos, @carlos84