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RE: What does your income from Hive represent for you? - Contest

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My entry

As of now because of this pandemic many things changes. It's hard to find the money for food these days. Thanks to my earnings in hive it helps me to provide my needs, of course, food.

For you to know I'm still trapped in a place far from home. I'm renting a boarding house and food should be the basic needs. By keep on posting even though it's just a little. I managed to withdraw hive weekly for a weekly food allowance. Sometimes my family send me money but I don't want to rely on them since they have problems with money because of our situation right now.

Hive maybe is not a job where we can be assured that we can earn consistently. I still rely on it because as of now for me. It's the only way where I can have food.

Not to mention when I was on st***. Thanks to the friends I met that I paid my tuition fees. So this kind of platform is a blessing to me. Not just money but also friends.


Entry 6

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. It's great to see that Hive can help you to cover your basic needs.