Wonderful that senior Citizens like my Dad have recovered from the Covid-19 virus

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Heartening news that our Covid positive Senior Citizens are able to recover and bounce back

Covid is out of my house vincity now, as my Dad is cured of that virus, and is getting back to normal life. Thankfully, there are other senior people who are like my Dad recovering from the Covid-19 caused health issues. This is heartening news.

Few months back, we never would have thought elderly people with co-mobilities can emerge recovered after the Covid-19 infection, they are one of the most vulnerable categories of people who need to be safeguarded from the virus and catered to quickly if by chance they are affected with the novel Corona virus infection.

Large scale ramp up of Covid-19 testing is helping people in getting diagnosed and treated

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Earlier, testing was done selectively for only those who showed symptoms , as testing kits were limited and capacity to do large scale testing was not there. However, definitely testing has been ramped up. The logic here is that early diagnosis of Covid-19 is necessary so that other measures can be taken in time to treat the infected and control the further spread of the virus.

My turn to get tested for the novel Corona virus had come

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I too, as a primary contact of Dad who tested positive for the virus, had been told to get tested for Covid-19, even though 14 days of quarantine was compulsorily as I was told by my flat representatives that Covid symptoms can manifest anytime between 2-14 days. However, on the 6 day, I was allowed to get tested at my local area Ward 18’s Primary Health Care centre(PHC).

One of the toughest lockdown of lockdowns is for the family members of the Covid-19 infected

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I had no symptoms of the virus, but the major inconvenience was that quarantine was getting hard for someone like me who is prone to suffer from vitamin D and B12 deficiency often. I also am claustrophobic, so I can’t imagine not being in the open surroundings, staying put indoors at home for so long.

My experience availing the free Covid-19 testing service at my Ward 18 PHC

Covid-19 testing was free at my ward 18’s PHC that was established by the initiative of Ward 18 resident volunteers along with local Government authorities. This was bringing to practice decentralised management of Covid-19 at local ward level.

My only problem initially was finding my safe distance from people who were clustered about standing at the registration area to register themselves to get tested, else the testing procedure happened swiftly with the queue of people in line to get tested getting cleared quickly.


I had got my RT-PCR test done for Covid-19 evaluation

Later I found out that I had undergone an RT-PCR test, that is an invasive procedure as swaps are collected from the throat and nasal cavity by inserting a bud and digging deep. Then these collected swap samples are stored in a tube with pink solution to be transported to a lab where the samples would be examined for the Covid-19 virus.

The RT-PCR test is uncomfortable for sure but it’s the gold standard for Covid-19 testing.

And Covid-19 test Results came the next day in the evening...

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As someone with zero symptoms of the virus, I was not given priority on getting my test results immediately, however, I got the results the very next day evening. I knew that as I got a SMS message from the lab where my samples were tested, all I had to do was download the lab report at their website entering my case number which was allotted to me while registering for the test.


My Covid-19 test result

The lab report confirmed that I tested negative for the virus, although I was still required to undergo another week of quarantine. Nevertheless, I was ecstatic that I had kept myself safe from the virus, not even when I ventured out on essential errands but also when I had a covid infected Dad at home for 6 days.

I had to approach him to serve food, test pulse oximeter levels and help him pack to get admitted to hospital. I definitely proved to be a careful person that stayed un-invaded by the contagious this novel Coronavirus , in spite of that virus being so close to me. Phew...relief!!

I certainly at least had one other Covid-19 infected person in my vicinity earlier

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

It’s significant to know that it’s not just my Dad I have encountered who tested positive for Covid-19. A man who was next to me for the Covid-19 test who allowed my Dad to get tested first as my Dad was a senior Citizen, got the result the same day of the test and he tested positive which unnerved me when I heard that announcement.

However, the next verdict announcement on my Dad’s testing result unnerved me even more. But yet, I managed to safeguard myself from this contagious virus although I was surrounded by Covid-19 infected people.

Costs for these free Covid-19 tests borne by Bengaluru City Government; BBMP

The costs for these free Covid-19 tests were borne by my Bengaluru City Government. I heard it straight from the Bengaluru BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad that a Rapid Antigen test kit per person costs Rs 500 and a RT-PCR covid test kit costs Rs 3000 per person.

My Bengaluru City Government also tied up with certain private hospitals where 50% beds are reserved to admit Covid patients via Government through BBMP’s Covid Disaster Management Cell. These patients get Government support with subsidized treatment rates, so cost of hospital admission and treatment is half of what it would be if patients got admitted in the same private hospital on their own.

BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad also said that Bengaluru City’s preparation to manage Covid-19 that’s been surging with the reopening of the economy can only be done by initiating large scale testing with the goal of reducing mortality rates with timely treatment, and controlling spread of the virus. The whole BBMP Disaster Management team is working overtime now to help people get diagnosed and directed for treatment and this has to be appreciated.

Bengaluru City’s Ward 18 Management of Covid is saving lives of the elderly

My ward 18, was selected as a model ward where decentralised Covid Disaster Management model was tested and now I hear this model is getting deployed in other wards of the City but residents of every ward have to take initiative and collaborate with the local government to make it successful.

There are stories of other elderly people who got diagnosed for Covid-19 and then admitted to hospital and are doing fine now, all thanks to our ward 18 PHC that’s managing the Covid situation efficiently. Here’s one such story that was shared, this person’s Dad is also a senior Citizen, above 80 years I heard.

She details how her Dad probably picked up the virus through his long walks, even though he wore his mask at all times.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

She advises us to stay away from people who are not wearing masks or not wearing them properly, as it’s clear even if one wears the mask 100% protection is not guaranteed.

Now her story

"Dear all, I still see a lot of secrecy and stigma around Covid. This is why I am making bold to share my own story, in the hope that it will raise awareness.*

My father has tested positive on the Rapid Antigen Test for Covid on the 4th. He was very mildly symptomatic and has fortunately had no fever since yesterday. Anyway, we've sent him to the hospital since we can't deal with an emergency here.

I too have tested positive yesterday afternoon on the RT-PCR test, with a reading of 27. I do not have a fever but I have a stuffy nose and a slightly congested throat.

Fortunately, my mom has tested negative on both the RAT and RT-PCR.

We were baffled; we are always masked when we step out. My mom goes to the grocery store very briefly; I step out only to walk the dogs (and nobody comes near me at this time). So, we thought very hard about it.

Of course, it's impossible to pinpoint and prove the source. but we think my dad himself might have picked up the virus. He used to go on really long walks every morning and keep chatting with someone or the other (because he was "bored at home" ).

Upon my questioning him, my dad confirmed that the fellow walkers would walk only 2-3 feet from him, and they would pull down their masks because they were "exercising".

The point is, my father has received only 30% protection by wearing his own mask; the remaining 70% depends on the "transmitter" wearing it.*

My mom and I, in contrast, have been very unsociable. The thing is, when we see such people, we don't even hang out with them; we quickly move away. In fact, we even shout at people in public.

My dad is too mild-mannered, and also very complacent, so, out of politeness, he just kept walking and talking with all these people! Also, on those walks, he would rest somewhere and make phone calls to all his friends.
His speech is already lacking in clarity these days and his voice feeble, so he used to pull down the mask to speak on the phone.

These days, when we tell people to wear a mask, we should also advise them to run away from those who don't wear one properly!

A request

I know we have your thoughts and blessings ; we would appreciate NOT getting any calls and how are you feeling now messages. We are already flooded with calls from BBMP and Aptamitra and some relatives!

I really feel bad when I see the BBMP PHC staff and other departments and volunteer teams working overtime to protect all of us. Of course, I'm very thankful to @⁨Vig⁩ for all his help and support."

I too like her appreciate and am thankful to all the BBMP PHC staff and volunteer teams working overtime taking care of Covid situation and of course a special thanks to our ward volunteer Vigyan Gowda for implementing this initiative.

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