HIVE is coming!! Hard forked platform of Steem

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Nothing much in front scenes last week, but behind the scenes there was HIVE development

Last week, I was searching for updates on Steem scenario, with the rift and disharmony between Justin Sun Tron and Steem witnesses who are backed by us Steem community. There were no updates, except posts from @taskmaster and @aggroed that said about Justin blocking Steem witnesses from his twitter account.


You may like to read @aggroed’s funny post that Justin may have done this for social distancing and keeping himself and his twitter account safe from getting Carona virus (:... HA, ha, ha!!

However, brace up for the news that witnesses are ready ito hardfork and move into another blockchain they called HIVE.

Steem is going to split and another forked platform emerges - HIVE

Therefore, this is like a split that has happened a number of times before in the crypto verse. To mention some examples - Bitcoin(BTC) community split created Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and the later BCH community split with another hardfork that created BCHSV and BCHABC.

So, well… Steem will be Justin Sun controlled and HIVE will comprise of many earlier Steem witnesses who developed and maintained Steem platform by creating dapps and blocks.

Our earlier Steem Witnesses did try to find a solution for a decentralised Steem Blockchain with Justin Sun, however no agreement was reached between the two, there was only hostility, very evident that its not going to de-escalate with Justin having recently blocked off Steem Witnesses in twitter, he is not interested to listen to opinions opposed to him.

Steemit Inc’s ninja stake protected from Justin’s access (so I understand)


However, it appears Steem Witnesses were successful in protecting Steem Inc’s ninja stake from being misused and manipulated that may otherwise result in Centralisation. They seemed to have employed a code to take out Steemit Inc’s stake. This stake is only to be used for the development of the Steem Blockchain, which is why witnesses could not agree on Justin wanting control on that stake.

Quoting witness @roelandp words -

“Yet in the background work on a fork had already started. A very simple version of code was already shown 1 year ago by Johan Nordberg (former Steemit inc employee) who did a git-pull-request containing code to take out the Steemit Inc stake.”

Now, this stake is safe and has been put into the Decentralised Hive Fund, that would serve the purpose of providing for developing projects in the HIVE blockchain. This provides for a decentralised setup, as there is no ninja-stake mine threatening to centralise the blockchain, and HIVE developers and contributors can thrive here in peace.

Quoting witness @roelandp on this Decentralised Hive Fund -

The community-earmarked Stake now donated into the Decentralised Hive Fund, formally known as the Steem Proposal System, we have a true decentralised organisation where anyone can propose projects and work for the Hive chain. It codefies that always-promised stake into the blockchain.

Quoting witness @therealwolf

“The biggest reason why I'm so excited about Hive, is the fact that this community has so many great developers & contributors, and we're now able to create a home for all of us, without a ninjamine.”

We can also opt to be on HIVE and leave Steem


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We community members can find solace, and continue posting our content, getting relief from the infighting and uncertainties of late happening inside the Steem Blockchain due to unresolvable and irreparable rifts between the Steem community and Justin Sun.

Quoting witness @thecryptodrive on this -

“ I am relieved there is a place my fellow Steemians can go to seek peace and escape from the dystopia of the events that recently unfolded on Steem. “

HIVE will provide a similar experience for us users like we had in Steem, however, we would get tokens of HIVE instead of Steem besides other differences in font, colour etc.

Quoting witness @roelandp -

“The fork. The better home. Hive. Why? Because it is a true community initiative. We don't have to start over. We continue. We just move places. Because the software didn't change that much, most is just about naming and colors and new token names (Hive anyone?). Apps can (besides some small variable changes) instantly migrate to Hive.”

Justin has cut off his delegation to many Steem witnesses


I further noted that there are witnesses like @steemitboard who have left Steem, because Justin Sun controled Steemit Inc, removed delegation to them,so they can’t function. They have an obvious option to function at HIVE. Certainly this is another instance of centralisation by Justin Sun that’s taking out witnesses he does not want, because they don’t agree with him!!

Further details, will be known soon for sure, there is already more updates on this, so this post I reckon is a little outdated(:

Decentralisation movement?. This split is unique in crypto history

This is pretty exciting for sure, because this split is different from other crypto splits, it’s backed by community, there is no head, it’s just witnesses supported by community so this looks like decentralisation. This move gives us all hope too that we will have a platform where we can continue to post, grow and earn tokens without compromising on our ethos of decentralisation. I never felt more connected with Steem, it’s been something since Justin acquired Steemit, learnt about Steem Governance, voted and watched a phenomenon of Centralisation overtaking the blockchain and then community and witnesses able to recover the blockchain.

Behind the scenes, witnesses worked on shifting to another chain without the burden of ninja-stake which they succeeded to protect. Something surely!!

A different path for community members opting for HIVE platform

Earlier we were to expect Tron token airdrops and I hate Justin Sun and Tron, now we can look forward to HIVE airdrops, I feel this is a good alternative, so I too can be posting in a platform that’s decentralised, that’s not going to be in danger of getting compromised due to this sickening third party centralisation.

Ultimately, money, profits matter but I feel more pride, and feel more dignified if I am part of a decentralised blockchain. So HIVE does sound awesome, gives hope, and finally can disassociate with Justin Sun, I never believed he is going to be good for Steem anyway. I was feeling sick somewhere that I got to be part of a compromised blockchain, thankfully no more!!


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Thankyou, @creativeblue!!

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Join the community in our migration to Hive, a community built blockchain for the community. All Steem account holders will receive equivalent stake on the new Hive blockchain.

Please see this post on SteemPeak for more information.

Thanks for the update

Dear @mintymile

Justin may have done this for social distancing

You made me laugh so badly now haha :)

Did you expect such a huge price jump? Recent spike in price of steem has been incredible. Surely more than I expected. I wonder if we will experience huge crash right after airdrop.

Friend of mine suggested, that it could be Justin purchasing a lot on some of his proxy accounts. Knowing that he will get large amount of new HIVE token. Knowing also that witnesses will be powering down and trading steem to HIVE. So he could sell his HIVE tokens, earning quite a decent amount of money. Knowing that demand for HIVE token will be very high in upcoming days.

I wonder if we will witness and large stakeholders will dump their STEEM right after airdrop on new HIVE chain will take place.

The truth is, that if old witnesses will power down right away and dump their steem - then they may damage part of Justin investment and make him lose out little bit. But it's most likely just a small % of his porfolio.
At the same time all of us, those who invested their live savings into steem will suffer the most. Our investment will be crushed, without much of a chance to do anything about it :(

In my opinion blocktrades and other large accounts, who will build their fortune on migrating community to new HIVE chain - they should wait a bit with dumping their steem tokens. To allow others to do it as well. Just my 2cents.

Yours, Piotr