Bitcoin is now quite famous being one of the the top assets of the world in terms of market capitalisation

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Oh, my my… Excuse me. Bitcoin seems to have got pretty famous already, it’s no more a small unknown or ignored asset. BTC is flashing big, in golden colours I imagine. Bitcoin(BTC) is now one of the world’s 11 most top assets in terms of its market capitalisation.

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Ha..ha...crazy, but Bitcoin’s market cap which can be checked at, the digital gold asset has surpassed the market caps of many of the world’s biggest companies of the likes of Visa, Master card, Walmart, Samsung, JPMorgan Chase and even investing legend Warren Buffet’s company Berkshine Hathaway.

Warren Buffet who called Bitcoin ‘rat poison’ got a gift of 1 BTC!!

Excuse me once more, dear 90 year old Warren Buffet never believed in Bitcoin, he called it rat poison. Mr Justine Sun, (the famous personality to many of us Steem and HIVE writers and witnesses) had paid $4.67 and won the auction to be with Warren Buffet in his charity dinner where Justine claims to have tried to convince Buffet about the merits of cryptocurrencies, but failed in it.

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Justin had gifted grand uncle Buffet one Bitcoin inside a Samsung Galaxy Fold in that event.

Alas, I wish Mr Justin had gifted me some Bitcoin too, if not one, just a few santoshis at least, but of course, that would have been a impossibility as that would not have given him much of a publicity to benefit his questionable crypto enterprise Tron that’s captured Steem Blockchain and had many of us migrate to HIVE Blockchain, that is a fork of the Steem Blockchain...but never mind those old historic Blockchain split episodes and dramas.

Bitcoin’s Market Cap can still get bigger than precious metals - lets see!!

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Bitcoin’s market cap is now - 736$ billion, and it’s huge and looks like it’s market cap would keep increasing in the near future and who knows it may become trillions of dollars, beating the silver metal’s market cap at 1.3$ trillion and maybe it’s possible BTC can surpass the market capitalisation of the valuable metal gold which is the world’s biggest asset in terms of its market cap, now at 11.7$ trillion!!

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MArket Cap symbolizes the valuation of an asset, if it’s a company, it’s the cumulative value of all the assets of the enterprise and if it’s a cryptocurrency, then it’s the value of all the coins in circulation. A crypto’s market cap is calculated by multiplying the price of the digital asset with the number of coins in circulation.


That's really huge my friend. I hope that bitcoin market cap will increase and then divide among alt coins. Bitcoin is digital gold and it should be place beside the gold in the rank. :p


Hi @mintymile
The BTC is becoming more and more known, it's a reality, what could worry me a little is that at any moment all that money that came in could go out and collapse the price, that which undoubtedly would make many lose money and become disenchanted with the crypto-world. Something that has happened before.
I also believe that in the short term it will continue to rise, but at some point some correction must come. Surely.

"disenchanted with the crypto-world" the way you put enchantment into crypto...

I don't know...but I think its different this time, BTC will blow over more and apprear like a digital gold for a while, its a asset to HODL on because its hedge against inflation stuff.

Yes, scary na...if I want to buy even alt coins where I do enter?...prices were going up and up, now some correction is happening, but you know, get impatient, when the price you think is fair ans stick to buy at that price, but without looking beck price is upsurging...

yeah... I guess, we if we want to enter, enter now before its too big, already it looks become. I was wanting to buy Decred, at 50$ price was racing, now it corrected, but already I brought it at 65$ price.

But its ok(: ...I know I am still not late here, more upsurging price action is there.

Bitcoin is dashed high, to think of buying but people will I guess now, we brought it earlier and well, there has been price appreaciation, lovely is it not.

Hello @mintymile

In 2020, BTC became the digital asset with the most sensationalist behavior in the markets that support the crypto-economy, but it also caused excitement among investors and institutions that have historically participated in traditional markets, and this is also supported by its market capitalization. Thank you for reminding us of the great advance in market capitalization that BTC has achieved. Best regards.

yes, BTC is being noticed by the world alright, with its market cap beating leading world's assets!!

No doubt that today the BTC is a celebrity, many people have come for the possibility of making money quickly and others came for the possibility of creating bubbles in a few words most people today are euphoric about the BTC just want to speculate, for those of us who like the technology behind the BTC instead of its value we are displaced by the mass of people who just want to speculate.

Very right... but people are buying it to hedge against fiat currency as well, wealth preservation reason also.