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Greetings friend continuing with the cycle of learning paradigm, in my previous article I shared about, the behavioral paradigm in a teaching approach, where it is based on formal scheme and is organized by raising the behavior of an organism, having in mind that to learn and teach is valid all the tools, the important thing is the methods and mechanism to do it and see if the information comes as it should.

As a student I realized that all teachers and professors go through all the paradigms to teach class, because they are different chairs each one of them needs a different treaty, as well as the students or dissent, because everything does not have the same levels of learning, that is why it is important to know the humanist paradigm.

The paradigm breaks scheme and the essence of the learning is maintained, for that reason of denominated paradigm, the beautiful thing for my taste of seeing them things this paradigm shows us from our internal I to have like student or person of being free for the creation of an affective learning, as I say them free to create our learning under the condition of our instructor, is different from the behaviorism since it is conditioned and respective like the classes of mathematics.

That offers us this paradigm what it is able to notice as a person that studied in the university, is that the personality is formed through the own elections of the man like an elective agent, the freedom is felt without losing the context of the chair, the interpretation, opinion, analysis are own practices to see our reality and to provide our own truth.

Humanism also focuses on seeing the capacities and weaknesses of students at the emotional level, motor, to achieve learning according to the demands of each, what I can tell you, in my class there is a person with speech impairment is mute, but if he listens and he has another treatment but we are in the same class and to request much of him in knowing his language, it is very good for the numbers, it is for that reason that we are free to create our own learning maintaining the context of the chairs, with the condition of the self-realization and to the development of all its potentialities.


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