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There is always something in life that you say you can't achieve. And you really think it's unattainable.For me, one of those things was to make my own site from scratch.

Everything related to computers has always been complicated for me. Some time ago I tried to program, but without success. Definitely one of the things that repulses me is the complexity.

For me, even buying a domain was complicated.

The situation with the Covid-19 pandemic gave me the opportunity to learn how to make websites. I started learning different ways of online mediation and focused on affiliate marketing. So I decided to make a site to sell weight loss products.

I chose the name "Madrif" because it means strength.

Bright Yellow Dumbbell Fitness Business Card.jpg

So my first Website is

For those of you who will visit it by phone I want to say that I am still working on the mobile version 🤓

For those of you who will visit it from your laptops or tablets I want to say the following -> I know that it looks very fishy, but I also know that such sites make a lot of sales.

For a first site, I think it looks pretty good and its concept is clear -> Weight loss products such as diets, workouts and supplements with whom we are affiliate partners and with each sale I receive a small commission.

The site will improve significantly. For those of you who do web design, it may seem simple, but it took me a long time to deal with it all.


The site looks like this since Tuesday night, when I made my first sale through it yesterday. Here is the place to thank the woman from Canada who gave me hope :))

I'm far from thinking that I've achieved anything significant or that my site looks great. The truth is that I just wanted to motivate anyone who says they can't achieve something to take action in that direction until they see the positive results.

Тhe success comes when you step out of your comfort zone.


Awesome man! I’m proud of you, that’s a solid achievement. Designing a website isn’t easy, I did it in school and it’s challenging. I’m sure the technology has come a long way from there but if you’re trying to learn more about programming some of the stuff Python is incredibly easy to learn! It eliminates the need to do some of the tedious stuff.

Keep it up and you’ll have both hive and Madrif cranking out numbers!

I hope so :) As I said for me it was very hard.. I know that it looks very fishy, but .. that’s how sales are coming from 😎 Wish you all the best my man and soon we are going to be a HIVE millionaires 💰

Hi @lyubo19 Did you connect with jongolson of Click Track Profit? I visited your website, and it looks nice. It's a start. Good luck.

Yep, I just registered :) I hope that this will help me.

it's a great's help all of people. I am must visit your web site.@lyubo19. Just do it. I think you must get success.

Thank you so much :))) I wish you all the best!

Congrats on your website man, It's only the beginning it's going to be a long haul constantly adding to it and refining it but it's a fun ride none the less, wishing you all the best.

It took me 4 years to get my website to 100k visits per month but with consistent work you'll get there

That’s awesome man :) Can you share with me which website it is yours? 🔜🔜

Sure, here's my site, it started out as a marketing only blog and then It went viral and I got 187k visits in one month so I decided to expand the site

Nice dude! I wonder if I’ll be able to check it out in the US. I will give you some traffic on the daily if I can get it to work!

Nice I’m able to access it. The website looks really good dude! I’ll give you daily traffic dude, I need to add a website to my Presearch daily searches to get some crypto.

24% of our traffic is US based and it pays pretty well, I want to keep growing the site locally and then plan to role out multi-regional support when the I get enough time and money to do so!

Lol I can see why people take outside funding is fucking hard building a website with your own money

Hey mate :) I just checked your website and it is amazing !!! The main idea and the design it’s awesome !!! 👌 I hope that this traffic is giving you a good amount of money every month;)

Good job, baby 🤓
I am proud of you 💛

Thank you 🙏 💙

This content is a #massivesuccess !
It gets a full upvote, a rehive, and I invite you to connect with me on telegram @robgehring to discuss further.

I’m waiting your answer ;)

Great chat! Did you see the link I sent you? I believe it will be helpful in your journey. Let me know in Telegram.

Thanks :)

Congrats 🍾

Thanks bro :)

Nice job 👍


I hope your website is a massive success :)

Thank you :)

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I am so glad you decided to build your own website. I like Nike's motto "Just Do It". I took a quick look at your site and I am quite impressed by your work. I would add a bio page to tell people a little about you and how you got into the fitness business.


Thank you for your opinion :))

Great post.

Thanks :)

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