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Social media users are now become the targeted market by companies to campaign their products and services. Companies use many strategies to attract attention of social media users. They sometimes hire influencers to boost the popularity of the products and services. One of the strategies in social media campaign is using meme.

A meme (/miːm/ MEEM) is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon.

There are some pros and cons of meme marketing. Unexpected feedback can destroy a brand image if a company use inapropriate meme marketing.

Here are some benefits of meme marketing

  • Gone viral
    Viral meme is a great advantage to make a quick popularity in social media. Viral meme will spread among social media groups, communication channels and person to person. A brand will be popular in short time.
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  • Build emotional connection
    Using perfect quote and image will build emotional audience. Meme will be shared by audience voluntarily.
  • Simple creation
    It is very simple to create meme. However, using copy right image and quote can be problem of legality. Meme creators should avoid using racism and sarcastic quote that hurts some audience. Because creating meme is simple, some meme creators forget about the bad effect after that.
  • Attract new likes and followers
    Funny meme will attract new like and followers in social media. This will benefit to the popularity of a social media account of a brand.
  • Cheap campaign
    Meme is cheap marketing campaign when it is gone viral, the company earn free promotion from large audience. However, if your company hire a profesional meme marketing consultant ,the cost will be different.

Though meme marketing has some benefits, it also has some disadvantages. Using inapropriate meme a promotional stratgy will not be effective even can be boomerang.

  • Negative feedback
    Unexpected negative feedback can take place when a company use inapropriate quotes that hurt a commnunity or a person. Using racism words will be dangerous campaign.
  • Legalilty
    Using ilegal image is also can harm company with legal action.
  • Lost in stream
    Meme campaign is temporal. When a popularity of meme has spread out the meme will fade away. Using too many memes will also indicated as spamming.


Meme marketing has been used by big companies. The effectiveness of meme to go viral is very possible. The popularity of products and services will increase fast with meme marketing. Things that should be remember that using meme to promote products should research the targeted audience, trend, quotes and images. False campaign with meme can harm the products and services of a company.


It does add a fun factor that can help something spread.

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Of course fun and funny factor will help audience interested to the meme

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Every marketing is a marketing... :)
But, as you said, it can be "problematic" if it is used inappropriately...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on memes... ;)

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And your awesome meme is cool

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Hello @lebah, the truth is that I hadn't seen the memes because of this marketing potential. But they have a great facility for going viral, really.

There are some big companies use this methode but they use marketing consultant though they just create memes

memes are very powerful when it comes to advertising but not everything is rosy, in a society where "political correctness" is a problem doing something that bothers minorities is fatal for a company.

Yes, meme is very sensitive if the meme hurts a person or a community can be a fatal

I honestly didn't know that this could be done or hadn't thought about it, it seems a bit strange to me but it makes sense, nowadays companies take advantage of anything to advertise and memes are a big trend.

Meme is a powerful campaign but it can be boomerang if not managed wisely

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