I was also censored on Steemit, they removed a post from me.

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Today I also started to be part of the users that Steemit.inc has censored.

very early in the morning, I checked my Steemit account as I do every day to answer the comments that I could not answer the day before, and what was my biggest and most unpleasant surprise?
Looking for my publication that I made on Friday 03, where he talked about the great news that Capibara Exchance told us in his Discord account.

This news was very exciting for many Venezuelans, they reported that as of that day, Friday, April 3, Capibara Exchance would begin exchange operations with #HIVE AND #HBD Cryptocurrencies, at The moment I found out about this great news, the first thing I did was make a post using the SteemPeak frontend.

Link to publication:
Capibara exchange, a Venezuelan exchange that accepts #HIVE, #HBD and other cryptos.

You can open the link without any problem as long as you use SteemPeak, however when you go to my user and check the tab of all my posts you will find that you will not be able to see that post, They deleted it .



Definitivamente a la nueva administración de Steemit.inc les molesta que se hable de HIVE o de HBD en cualquiera de sus formas, lo cual considero que esta muy mal esa opción de censura, ellos alegan que siguen siendo descentralizado, pero ahora me doy cuenta que no es así.

So I ask myself, is there freedom or is there no freedom.

It is not fair that this type of action is happening in the middle of an era of freedom in a globalized world and also of investments, where we can all win without the need to harm our fellow man.

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Don't bother with Steem right now, post your important stuff on Hive.

today Steemit.inc censured my publication and they eliminated it



This really sucks, i have selected your post for my Review, but anyway it still exists on steempeak, so i continue with my Review.

Una pena que te haya pasado eso mi pana.

How unfortunate.

This shows that they don't want what's good for the community, only for themselves. The only reason I can come up with for something like this would be to suppress awareness of things happening on Hive. It's especially tragic here because you're trying to spread such helpful information to people who I imagine could really use it.

Hello @lanzjoseg sad to hear this. this is habit of sun. Use steempeak instead of steemit. I am doing so.

@tipu curate

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