How to win friends and influence people of Dale Carnegie. The value of people.

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(Chapter II) Six Part.


Make someone feel valuable.

Currently in this fast-paced world, people pursue goals thinking only about how to obtain them and through whom, that is the important thing, what they want, they seldom take the time to think about what others want, much less do they occupy part of their time to make someone feel valuable by sincerely appreciating them.


The value of people.

It is summarized in this rule, basically everything expressed in this second part of the book: the value of people; Even though it is not easy to stop and ask others about what they like, talk to them about what they want to hear and feel that they are sincerely interested in their things, without first trying to obtain a benefit.

Self-assured people.

When I speak of difficult to put this rule into practice, I am not saying that it is impossible to give importance to people. Realistically, there are millions of people around the world sure of themselves and therefore they feel important, without waiting for someone to make them feel it; on the other hand, there is also another large group of demotivated people who do not look up and thus walk through life. So maybe I lose something. For making a difference and spending some of my time changing a person's day by dedicating a few words of appreciation, No, I don't lose anything. I gain the joy of seeing someone when their face changes; who won? Both of them.


Give importance to people.

In the work environment, businesses subscribe to each line of the author when he recommends giving importance to people, thus obtaining the path to success, when before thinking that you only want to obtain something, you change and better make others feel important because there is always profit from this point of view and practical way of doing things, sometimes it is not that someone is busy, is hateful, does not smile or does not have much time but needs to be really interested in them.

Giving importance to people is also part of personal growth, individually but also jointly.




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Hello friend @lanzjoseg
Society in general is a bit self-centered, in my opinion, only interested in satisfying its own needs.
But, it's not everyone, obviously.
Now, that can be used to achieve better communication, because if you don't know that people are like that, starting with some kind of recognition can serve to anchor the person's attention to you... I think that would be a good strategy.

@tipu curate 2

Greetings friend @lanzjoseg, good point, the author tackled an important aspect, whoever manages the leadership of a company will surely know which of their employees are safe and who needs to be heard with the intention of letting them know that their ideas are valued. Surely this will create an ideal environment to move forward in the scheduled activities.

See you later, have a nice weekend !

Hello friend, a very interesting topic, nowadays people only care about their own wellbeing without caring about anyone else. I think that sometimes it can be good to put yourself first depending on the situation, but I also believe that we can help others to achieve success, besides that it will help us to have better interpersonal relationships.