How to win friends and influence people of Dale Carnegie. MAKE SURE THAT THE OTHER PERSON FEELS SATISFIED TO DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO

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(Chapter 4) PART 9


It is true that there is a lot of confusion about what it means to be a leader, some might believe that it is giving orders, others it is being the boss, others the one who raises his voice the loudest, but no, in reality a leader is in a position that requires a lot of observation, analysis, patience, tact and intelligence.

You need to know what to do and say at the right time. So how do you get another person to do a job well and at the same time feel satisfied doing it, well one way is to know what can make the other person feel good and use that to get them to do the task you told them to do.

It is like when you punish and punish again a child because he misbehaves or does not do his homework, without obtaining any positive result. Well the same thing happens even with an adult, you have to change the way you treat them without resorting to punishment, just using the right words, making them feel important with what they do because when someone sees that they are valued their way of thinking and doing things changes dramatically.

Make people feel that you are worth a lot and that their work speaks very well of them, because sometimes they just need a little push to do things well, everything is in the way and the tact with which you say things to others, depending on the words you will get a good reaction. #

Now, put this into practice because it is worth changing those obsolete paradigms of giving orders. Use the right words when you want someone to accomplish their tasks and you will see the change.




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Your analogy is very good, and this book I never tire of repeating that it is wonderful.

We must learn to communicate and know how to say things in a correct way.

I think this holds the secret to making people feel comfortable and more productive.

That's right, my friend. That's an art that must be used.

Hello friend, certainly the way we say things is very important, also the tone in which we speak to someone else says a lot about us and what we want to convey, we must respect everyone even if they are our employees, we all deserve good treatment and respect. Greetings!

Hi @lanzjoseg
Certainly, the way things are said is fundamental, it makes a difference in the results obtained.
This book by Dale Carnegie is a very useful tool.
Thank you for this excellent publication.
Have a great day!
Best regards.

Hi @lanzjoseg
doing what one is passionate about is a clear determinant in results.
I think that achieving that in a work team, that everyone feels identified with their work would be a great achievement for a boss or leader, and would have very good results in the business.

you are absolutely right, when a person is a leader of a group the greatest skill he can develop is to make people want to work and give their best, this is achieved by making people feel that their work is valued.

Hello friend @lanzjoseg, I like your post.
You describe and exemplify very well the importance of taking care of the way we relate to other people when we want to achieve something specific.