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Basis for the future.

I love technology, I never tire of repeating that technology is a foundation for the future, I am a fervent follower of the company ! imagen.png Boston Dynamics I began to follow the page of this company since I discovered it through a report on robotics.

I did a publication on how the Singapore government uses the Robot 'dog' called Spot to maintain a social distance from them, the Singapore government uses these robots to keep people away in public areas like parks and city squares.

Evolution in all its forms.

The man will look for the way to surpass himself, we have always evolved in all the forms, from our ingenuity creating robot with artificial intelligence or as my friend says @crypto.piotr the learning of the machine.

Recently I saw a Tweet where there was a video of Atlas® a great robot manufactured by the company Boston Dynamics

Source Boston Dynamics

I recommend you to watch the video, it is definitely very interesting to see the capabilities and the skill that this robot has, without fear of saying so but it has much more skills than I can have when trying to perform the movements that the Atlas® robot can do and show in that video.

Source Youtube Boston Dynamics

I am sure that this company will continue to develop other types of robot I mean robot different from the ones they already have developed on their website you can see the different models and what they are used for however they can be used in an endless number of things.

Surrounded by this type of robot.

Only they, the engineers that are working inside the company Boston Dynamics can know what other plans they have to create more robot, as they are developing technology they overcome the errors, they correct them and they create again with the necessary improvements, I dare to say that many before arriving at the year 2030, we will be surrounded by this type of robot, imagine in all the things in which Atlas® can help. I believe that for the elderly who are alone due to life circumstances, robot technology can make their lives easier.

In what other things can these robots be used, I think in many things but I would like to know your opinion.

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Wait, is the robot being controlled or it's using artificial intelligence.

It's programmed for some operations, but it must have some artificial intelligence

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