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RE: Holybread Launch 27th January 2020!. New RPG style browsergame on Steem Blockchain

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Thanks for the head up. But I'm not a friend of games where you can buy or trade heroes.

More importantly I don't think those games deserve to be in the RPG category. RPG stands for “Role Playing Game” — A game where you play the role of a hero. Where you decide if you want to play that hero good or evil, lawful or chaotic. Where you make decision which reflect on the character and skills of your hero.

A predefined, ready to use hero you can buy, trade and collect is not a role you play. That hero is just a commodity. I consider using category RPG this type of game false advertising.

Don't get me wrong. Each to himself. If you like this kind game I wish you all the enjoyment you can have. I just wish they would not call it RPG.

PS: Still going to promote the game by upvote and reshare.


Hi @krischik

I really am very grateful for the observation you make about it in which you are very right.

But I am more grateful for the promotion you can do for this game by sharing it is a great honor for me ..



While it's hard to tell what "exploring the world of Holybread"* means from the text introductions, is it?

I like the play with family names and how the name stays after selling.* Don't know if this means more names are added when a "slave hero" is sold some like in Spanish name conventions or whether it only shows what "families" did originally "find" those "heros" for making slaves of them.

I do hope it's not just a TCG but truly some RPG with decision making influences other then trading and collecting. By now the FAQ on Gameplay* just read like a colosseum arena "role" play.

Looking forward to seeing it live! !invest_vote

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