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RE: No Idea for the Topic of your Post?

in Project HOPE7 months ago

These kinds of posts really "refresh" our minds.
It is always pleasant to find this type of reading, which in addition to serving as mental hygiene, also provide us with valuable ideas on how to increase our performance as writers.

Your technique of running through the forest looks very good. I particularly like to sit on the shore and watch the sunset. My city has an extensive coastline and it is very easy to find a place to meditate.

Thank you for this beautiful gift.


I believe that I would really love to run along the beach ;-). In my city there is a lake but at the other side of town so the forest is closer for me. Thanks for stopping by, for sharing how you get inspiration and your kind feed-back ;-)

It is always a pleasure for me to read your publications, dear friend.
They are great!
This one especially, I really enjoyed it.

I send you a warm hug.

Thanks a lot for your kind words my friend!