Interoperability Between Blockchains - Final Part

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Quant is one of the projects that is currently driving interoperability between blockchains. There are other proposals, but this has been what caught my attention for a "small detail":

Quant has the world's first and only Blockchain Operating System "Overledger OS".

"Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system (OS) that not only inter-connects blockchains but also existing networks to blockchain and facilitates the creation of internet scale multi-chain applications otherwise known as mApps."


Quant offers Overledger Netwrok: The network of networks that drives universal decentralization as the market infrastructure for digital assets. An interconnected blockchain network to perform value transactions.

Why do I think Quant is the most important project today?

Apart from all the obvious advantages for the future of the global Blockchain offered by Interoperability, I focus my reasons on the imminent adoption of Overledger OS and Overledger Netwrok by the banking and financial entities.

On 12-03-2019 Quant held a large event in London with FinTech Connect where the teams of the main financial institutions attended to decide the purchase of the latest innovations in the market, and where the fintechs come to accelerate the dialogues with buyers Digital with responsibility in digital transformation, payments, financial security, regtech and blockchain.

With the emergence of the PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) and the adaptation that financial institutions are making in their systems focusing on the implementation of Blockchain, the adoption of Overledger OS will be the most viable and effective option.

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PSD2 is a European regulation on electronic payment services. Its objective is to increase the security of payments in Europe, promote innovation and favor the adaptation of banking services to new technologies. With it, the importance of the world of ‘APIS’ or ‘Application Program Interface’ in different financial sectors becomes evident.

The main factor to consider is the opening by banks of their payment services to third companies, the so-called TPPs (Third Party Payment Service Providers).

In summary, PSD2 allows bank customers, both consumers and businesses, to use external providers to manage their finances. In the near future, you may be using Facebook or Google to pay your bills, make P2P transfers and analyze your expenses, while you still have your money securely placed in your current bank account.

This is what is known as Open Banking.

The entire European banking and financial platform will find in Quant the solution necessary for developers to interconnect all APIs and thus be at the forefront in the implementation of PSD2.

To access all the advantages and services of the Quant ecosystem, it will be necessary to use the native QNT token. Then the companies interested in using Overledger to develop their mApps must have QNT to pay for the services.

If the adoption occurs as I am forecasting it, then our QNT will have a considerable rise in its current value.


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Thanks for sharing the information. I was intrigued since the previous publications of this topic that you had already shared.

I will visit the links to review a little more, this may be a great step to achieve a new step to the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

It certainly is!
It also looks like an investment option when acquiring the QNT token.

Hello my dear @juanmolina, your article is very interesting, it is interconnection that you expose is something that will really drive blockchain to the next level, being able to make transactions between the chains will make things much easier for the economy based on this technology.

Great article!

I thought EOS was basically wanting to do the same thing and be an OS. I don't know if it can or is still something the project is working on.

I'm paying closer attention to Ark for interchain communication as it's been around longer to my knowledge and I think is more recognizable than this project, but definitely something worth checking out and am doing to do more digging into this project so thanks for sharing!

The greatest value of this project is that it allows the interconnection to be done by simply adding three lines of code to the existing programming. That is, companies should not sacrifice their current infrastructure to interconnect their systems with other blockchains.

O that's awesome

Oh yeah!
Think about it.

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That's the first time I have heard of Quant and sounds like it could be a great solution to combine the various blockchains that are out there at the moment and in the future! Thanks for sharing

Hello Friend @nickyhavey.

I recommend you check their website.
Its two main products are the operating system and the large network of networks.

Its greatest strength and appeal to mApps developers and companies is that it is only necessary to include three (3) lines of code to the existing programming of current systems to achieve interconnectivity. It's amazing!

Undoubtedly this is a project in which it is worth investing.

If it's only 3 lines of code and easy enough to implement then that sounds like it could be a winner long term. I'll have a look in to it a bit more and find out more information! Thanks for the insight in to it :)

Brother, On the website you will find all the information you need.
You can analyze and get your own criteria.