Will social and economic problems be solved after the Vaccine? - Personal Opinion

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I think that there are many expectations about the creation of the vaccine against Covid-19, and while it may help in the future, in the medium and long term, it is not a definitive solution. I do not want to sound pessimistic, not at all, rather I would like it to be possible to really solve this problem that we call a pandemic and all that it has brought with it, but, by managing to find a vaccine that works, which I really believe we are still a few months away from that reality, we will enter into another series of problems, but of a different nature.

I explain:

How will this vaccine be distributed to all and not cause a problem either internally in the country that succeeds in developing it or in the other countries that will also need such development?



Let's take an example, I think they are more effective in making themselves understood:

  • India, country with over one billion people, manages to develop the vaccine, Perfect, this is a great achievement. Now comes the next thing, the mass production of this, but on a very large scale. Because it's logical that most of the world's population will receive it, and we're talking about 8 billion people. To do this will be a feat, a great activation of the economy of that country, or perhaps not? but how long will it take to make that amount of vaccine? in addition to the distribution... important details.
  • That is not all, they could be supported by many countries, and that is logical, because the cost would be immense, and it is difficult for a single country to do so without foreign aid. So the support could be humanitarian or simply say that the support goes hand in hand with benefits to get the first doses of vaccines out quickly. So, I think this puts India in a somewhat difficult situation (in this case hypothetical). Because shouldn't the main thing be its people?

Some may think that you should vaccinate your population first before you start distributing elsewhere, but would it be right for you to focus on yourself and ignore the growing need in other countries? Would this bring you some problems with countries that are trading partners?

We well know that at a global level, on the part of some powers, there are policies of intimidation that are based on certain economic pressures, it is of popular knowledge, I am not making it up

  • I continue, we already have the vaccine circulating around the world, in a few months, most likely next year, not this one, at least I don't think.

The application of the vaccine has to do with the activation of the immune system, our organism has an almost immediate response, but that in the same way immunity against this specific virus is created let's say 10-15 days, in healthy, well nourished organisms? We know that in much of the world hunger due to the current crisis does not allow good nutrition in many, and this is a point against.

I'm concluding this reflective post, I'm not talking about absolute truths, but rather some possibilities of something similar happening, and I hope I'm totally wrong.

I'd like your opinion on that. You can leave it with me in the comments.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this reading.


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Greetings friend @josevas217 is always a pleasure to visit your blog and read excellent reflections on current situations in the world, the global economic situation was already difficult before the pandemic, however, the same was further exacerbated with the arrival of the same, now everything is focused on the arrival of the vaccine for covid-19, I think that in many countries will arrive for next year, then the economies of the countries of the world will have a hard task in the recovery process and as we know will be long term. Thank you for sharing your excellent thoughts with us. Successes.

Yes, it will be soon, but it will be months before we can have a definitive solution, and in the end, the world will not be the same. In fact, everything has already changed. Thank you for commenting.

We all hope and stand together for the vaccine to be out.
I think at this stage, one must be more human than doing business.
The economy may shoot to the max for the country that develops the vaccine but would they be able to produce it for the whole world? still is a big question mark.

Hi, That is what I ask myself, I see difficult to do everything in one country, international cooperation will always be necessary. Thank you for commenting

This is not the first pandemic that the Spanish flu has faced in the world and it has lasted a year. As far as mass production is concerned, if it is profitable, this will be achieved now and it won't be for months, I think it won't be long before it reaches poor countries or countries with socialist systems.

The truth is, you don't know what to expect. What if there's a positive thought. There's no other way, because it's not worth dropping.

I read somewhere that someone of influence was saying that the pandemic will be over for wealthy communities and nations within the coming months. It was made to sound as if there were similarities to distributing foods after hurricane or some natural disaster.