What is your financial and economic destiny?

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Hello everyone, I hope you all have a good weekend, I want to share a post in which I talk about something that although many do not assume it, causes concern, and the lack of certainty of what destiny holds can even cause despair if we judge by the present, but finally, even with a complicated present, the future does not have to be difficult. Or does it?

Do you like to talk about your financial future? I know that the reality in each country can make us see with difficulty a future a little better than the present one, more if we enter to see the news and read about closing of companies, businesses, increase of unemployment and of the public debt, but, we are in crisis, that these situations happen in conditions of crisis is normal, but in the end good part of what happens to us or what is going to happen to us has to do with our approach and the way in which we approach the difficult situations doing them from our strengths, making use of our better tools. So I ask: what is your personal destiny in financial and economic terms?



I've always thought that questions are motivating, since they wake you up and put you to work in search of answers, a good question, well structured can have a great power in your subconscious, that leads you to work in search of solutions, then what is your personal destiny in financial and economic terms?

One often avoids facing this reality of seeing oneself in a future without a pension, considering that this is generally the retirement plan of most people, but, in 10 years time, will states really be able to assume the cost of supporting their citizens?, I don't pretend to be pessimistic, but the reality speaks of the states moving towards a new form of organization, of financial management, where I don't believe that the most disadvantaged will benefit even more (this is a purely personal opinion).

I can say in particular that as an immigrant, being a citizen of a country that is not mine, it does not give me peace of mind to know that in my country I will receive a pension, because it would really mean nothing in economic terms, neither in my home country nor much less where I live now. So, how to prepare for the future?, here you see very often older people who continue to work and not precisely because it is what they want to do, but because they have no other option to subsist, but how long will they be able to work to support themselves, to subsist?, yes, more questions, but the fact is that I woke up today more reflective than I am used to, will it be the passing of the years?

It is a complex situation, and difficult to solve when you are already 70 years old, I am not saying that it is impossible to achieve great financial success at that age, but it would be almost a stroke of luck, so the best thing is to work from an early age, and I do not mean sacrificing life by working, but working intelligently, but these are things that we must plan and start working from now, when we are 20, 30 or 40 years old, not expect to reach 60 to be able to say and now that I do? . Because at this point in life one could - by experience - get good answers but not always have the health and strength to carry them out. So this phrase "the time is now" is becoming more and more meaningful. The best thing is to establish a plan for the future that does not depend on governments but on our own productive capacities.

It is here when saving to invest has a greater weight, because you would not like to see yourself helpless later, so we must work today, to ensure a better economic and financial future, it depends on us there are a number of opportunities, options that we can learn to obtain a present benefit that affects our future stability. You know, the time is now and the future depends on you .

I say goodbye, wishing you a great life to come.

Thanks for reading me.


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increase of unemployment and of the public debt, but, we are in crisis, that these situations happen in conditions of crisis is normal

Now, I don't want to sound like a pessimist, but this "crisis" that has just started can be a bit different than the previous ones... And as they pushing the story of a "new normal", I have a feeling that we will have to adapt to living in a "constant crisis"...

I don't think so that this will be "fixed" in a year or two... it will probably last a lot longer... But, that doesn't mean that we have to suffer... As a matter of fact, I think that people that look "further" will live in these hard times as much normal as it can be...

And about the future? Huh, that's a hard question in a time when a long-term is counted in number of months... Yes, we should try to build our "financial plan" before out 60-70s, as then it's too late...

Thanks for the interesting food for the brain post!

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Hello @ph1102
Thank you for your interesting comment and support.
I really believe that, like you, the current reality of crisis is going to last much longer than most people think. Things are not happening very normally in most scenarios, so we are in an intense stage of change in many aspects that, like all social (economic) change requires time to materialize.
And yes, we must definitely prepare for the future, projecting beyond the current long term of months, and visualizing ourselves at the age of 60-70 years, and for sure we are going to want better than some people currently know.

Your content will be very interesting, you always have to think about a financial future, since one has to have aspirations and a goal to fulfill.

Thank you for commenting. Yes, we must think about the future, although living in the present.

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Hello friend @josevas217 I think you have hit the nail on the head, the time is now, if we do not worry about our economic situation at an early age we will spend a lot of work in the future because as you say there is not always strength and health. Working intelligently is what will generate a good economic output.