What can we do so that Hive can be used by more people?

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Cell phones are something that play a transcendental role in our lives. That's what we have become. We can access almost anything, from business to entertainment, movies, social networks and so much more.

Now, many want to have the latest generation of phones and in good measure to continue using Facebook, instagram, tiktok, which does not leave them much profit, in fact most do not leave them anything on a monetary level, but they are still there. Of course, I know that there are those who live from social networks, doing advertising, among other things, but they are not the majority.



I was wondering:

What would happen if in the same way that they use those other networks they make use of Hive?

No doubt the story would be different, there are people who are completely unaware that this social network (and others like it) exists.

I remember that some time ago I told a photographer friend that he could monetize his art through this platform, and he said that I couldn't conceive it, that it must be very difficult, I explained to him a little bit, and he found it interesting but he preferred to continue wasting his time (personal opinion) in those other networks that don't earn anything, but are of greater use.

So, what should or can we do so that this social network can be used by more people?

My answer is: the first thing is to educate the population about it. It turns out that the first impression when they encounter several keys, in addition to the fact that they are not easy to memorize, they usually get scared. The fact that they can't get their accounts back if they lose their passwords can scare them.

But, if we compare with other networks only use a mail and a very simple key and ready you month your account, the process to beat accounts even to publish is much easier, that keeps them there, so do not win anything.

Achieving that level of ease without compromising security is necessary, without a doubt it is.

What do you think? Do you think it's easy to get started in this type of social network? Could anyone get into this crypto-world?

Thank you very much for reading me.

I wait for you in the comments.


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@tipu curate

good article, it is correct these decentralized networks are an excellent way to generate income through the creation of content.

This is another important point, there are those who make interesting contributions in the comments, which allow to improve the information. Thank you for commenting

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Hello @josevas217, I agree with you that the ease of creating content is what keeps centralized social networks afloat, I have had the opportunity to invite several friends from my area to hive, and when they enter and come across the HTML codes in order to generate a good layout, they see it as something very tedious and eventually withdraw.

See you later, have a great weekend! 🤝

I agree that there are people who are completely unaware of the existence of this social network, many friends when I tell them they ignore it, and they certainly do not use it because it is easier to access their other networks from their cell phones, so uploading their photos and content does not generate more retribution than interacting with people.

I think that the perception that many people have about hive and this type of social networks is what does not allow them to be successful in what they do, for example I know people who waste hours and hours on facebook chatting and publishing content without receiving monetization for it, but when you propose that they can monetize by publishing on hive in a serious and responsible way, making quality content and free of plagiarism, then they retract to enter this world, the detail is from my point of view that the work that is done on other social networks (not all of them) is not serious, and people do not seem to be attracted by a serious and committed social network like hive. I don't know if your friend @josevas217 agrees with my perception but I think that's what happens with this.

Hello friend @carlos84
I agree with you. I think that people, many like things easy, and that's why uploading any nonsense on a social network seems fun, but being here demands a little more, or rather, it's a lifelong learning path, and there are those who are lazy to learn.
Thanks for your good comment.