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Hello, Projecto.Hope community and to everyone in general, I hope you are having a great start to the week.

Today I begin with a topic that I have particularly thought about and I have come to some reflections that I want to share. Technology has always been in the first place to facilitate the processes of man, but at the same time it has been the engine that drives new discoveries, with its corresponding consequences, positive for most.

But in general it brings with it great social changes, development of new technologies that in turn continue to bring many more changes. But let's go into the subject to finish explaining with examples what I mean.



We are going to go back to the Middle Ages, that very dark stage of humanity that lasted about 16 centuries under the rule of Catholicism, careful, I don't want to offend the religious people at this point, my respects, but the reality is that while the Catholic Church dominated the advances in science were totally limited, only when some dared to go beyond the religious precepts, and who were lucky enough not to be burned at the stake, an important advance could begin in many aspects. Example:

The invention of the Microscope

Back in 1590 Zacharias Janssen created the microscope, he was a lens manufacturer of Dutch origin, at least that is recorded as such, but there is still a lack of clarity as to whether or not he created it. Since it was really Robert Hook and William Harvey who made the first studies using a microscope and leaving something in writing, almost 100 years later.

The reality is that this remains a mystery, but in this publication it is not this that I want to highlight but the fact that the simple creation of this instrument allowed the opening of a great new field of research, and of course I dare say that CHANGED THE WORLD.

In what way?

Imagine that it is compared to the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the American continent, since he allowed the microscope the discovery of a new world, since there was not at that time the possibility of seeing things so tiny, so small, and of course with the use of the microscope they were able to do it.

This brought with it the need for research, which originated a new form of social thought, the creation of knowledge, the expansion of human knowledge took a giant leap with this discovery, with resistance from those who had the mentality of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance emerged, the century of lights as it was also named.

What changes were made?

To give a strong example, speaking from that invention called Microscope, the field of Medical Science developed in such a way that it became necessary the creation of different specialties, for example the study of the different tissues of human body was only possible with this, also its use was implemented in the area of the study of the different microorganisms that cause diseases (fungi, bacteria, parasites), the viruses were discovered later, when the lenses of the microscopes improved. For example, today there are microscopes that have the possibility of magnifying up to 20,000 times the size of any element.



The creation of schools of medicine and microbiology similar to the current ones was not long in coming, it was discovered that everything in the world is made up of microparticles, and without a doubt this brought about a new society, in need of more.


In the next post I will bring some other more updated examples, and of course, my thoughts on this.

Thank you very much for your reading and your support, any comments would be welcome


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It is the great technological advances that divide history, the telescope is one of them. The date it was invented surprises me, I thought it was more modern

NO, it's actually quite an old invention, and was discovered by mistake, when placing the lenses upside down. That makes it even more interesting...

The great technological advances divide our histories from the beginning of the Middle Ages where the Catholic Churches were the masters, today the technology has progressively advanced giving another direction to our lives, and when they created the microscope was because they decided to let emerge the technology and experience new battlefields which was not easy. Greetings friend@josevas217 your publication is very interesting. Successes

Thank you very much for your comments @sandracarrascal
Yes, I imagine that to oppose the power of the moment meant risking one's life, but thanks to very brave men he managed to advance.

@tipu curate

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Nice graphic.

  • tech = social change.

As a techie, I understand this. Tech is derived from higher thought processes, so we can even say that tech aids in transcendence. But we must remain cautious of tech.

Yes, we have to be very careful. I agree.
But in these times when technology must be measured more in ethical terms, otherwise, we don't know how we will transcend... It's an issue.

Greeting friend @josevas217, as usual you bring us another interesting article related to technology and its favorable impact on humanity, among which is the creation of important optical instruments such as the microscope and its favorable impact on the entire experimental field of natural science, thanks brother for sharing your wise opinions with all of us.

Thank you very much for your kind comment friend @rbalzan79
I spend my time writing, it's something I like to do in reality. That good you find interesting.

Absolutely, technology changes the society.