Technology: an imposed need?

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Hello community of Hive in General, I hope you all have a great start to the week. Today I want to share with all of you a reflection based on the impact of technology in different aspects.

In general terms, last year was not very good for the human being, in view of this pandemic (which is still present), the number of deaths that were registered, the fact of having to deal with the confinement, among many other things. However, I would dare to say that for the world in general, for the planet as a living person, it was beneficial, in view of the fact that the shutdown of many companies led to a considerable decrease in pollution levels.


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In addition, technology has advanced in an impressive way. Thinking a little bit about the preservation of the environment, although I really think that beyond this there is an interest in the fact that new technology is always much more expensive and of course generates higher dividends, however, let's say that this is another issue and we are going to focus on the technological advance and the good it has done and that very probably it will bring to the world.

In the case of clean energy or green energy, as it is also often called, which is thought that in a few years or decades could replace the one currently used, we have seen great advances in the use of solar energy with technology that allows a better use of this, with greater performance. It is proposed that it is a type of energy that comes from an inexhaustible source (the sun) that can provide everyone with its benefits, and that based on this premise we can and must- make greater use of it.

The electric cars promise to come to solve a big problem, and this is the big focus of pollution that means the use of fossil fuel, however, by using electric cars the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases are considered to decrease dramatically on the planet. With the consequent improvement in the quality of life of all, since to diminish the levels of global contamination affects directly in our state of health.



This all sounds pretty good, although I still think, regardless of how good it sounds, that this could be delayed, since there are interests in this happening but equally there are those who oppose it. I think it's up to us to wait, and see what happens eventually.

However, I must emphasize that, at least in my opinion, there are interests behind all these movements towards technology, even far beyond that need we increasingly have for technology, I often wonder the following:

  • Is it really something that has emerged on its own or is it somehow imposed?
  • Isn't this technology making us freer and more independent or just the opposite?

I don't have an answer to this, but I just hope that everything is heading towards something better and that it's for everyone.

I say goodbye, thank you very much for reading me.

I'd like to read your opinion about what I've raised in this post.

Good start to the week for everyone.


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I wouldn't know the answer to whether it's become an imposed need, but what I do know is that the pandemic has urged some institutions to get into higher gear and pilot their online learning. Even if they weren't fully ready, they were forced to go with it and adjust along the way.

HI @tanjakolader
If, really on the one hand many institutions, companies, and ourselves have had to focus on technology to be able to solve many things, in the end, that is the function of technology.
And on the other hand there are aspects that through all the publicity make us believe that it is a necessity, when it is not, at least it is something I see.

Ah... now I think I get what you mean.
Indeed, not every new technology that's being pushed is necessary. Just like how phone companies come out with newer phones and "newer" technology every year and they compel us into thinking we need those newer phones. But that's consumerism.

Maybe it's because I'm from a third world country that I don't let myself be swayed too much, to buy those things and I think it's also thanks to my upbringing.

Technology can either come in form of comfort or discomfort and it is completely about how we use it.

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Technology is a double-edged sword and we must be careful because it depends on the way it is handled by who operates is.

si, like everything else, even the same ideas, it will depend on how they are handled.

I think it has a bit of both. Technology by itself is not an advance if it does not solve a problem, that is, if an invention does not respond to a need it does not tend to prosper, although there are cases in which the need does not even exist and it seems that the media impose it on us.

Thank you very much for your very specific comment, I think it has a good summary of what I wanted to highlight.

Hello @josevas217
The advances will benefit us depending on the use that the human being makes of it.
But we know that there are many individual interests along the way, which delay its achievement.
Best regards.

Yes, interests are always present, and with power I think you can manipulate a lot, but, the world is like that, although I think it has always been like that

Nothing happens in this world that is random my dear friend, if we think carefully about the leap that humanity made in terms of technology we are left cold and that everything happened in such a short period of time makes us sure that there is a whole agenda behind this whole technological leap.

An agenda...
If we see it this way it is very easy to remain cold, rather frozen, in front of all that has been possible to advance in these last years.

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All things you've said are very true, and what we really should be doing is getting back to ancient low-impact technologies are ancestors used. Many of these practices are alive and well in developing countries like Cambodia. Cambodia will someday be seen as high-tech when the world realizes there aren't enough minerals and resources in the Earth for every country to be abundance in solar panels and electric cars.

Somewhere some country is gonna have to ride bicycles so that other countries can enjoy electric cars, and I suspect the richer nations will win this battle. !wine

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Hi @justinparke
Certainly, there are many resources that are scarce, and I fear that this will make it more expensive and few will have access to this.
But the powerful continue in their struggle to conquer...
Yes, riding a bicycle is a very good thing, in Colombia it is common to do so. I have my own, it is my means of transportation, and it saves me a lot of time in the congested traffic of Bogotá, it is an exercise and I don't spend on tickets.

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Sometimes I think that technology "Clean"; It is much more expensive when taking as reference the traditional methods based mainly on fossil fuels and their derivatives. But, taking into account the benefits for the environment, as well as the health of the human being, obviously, the technology based on Clean energies becomes economical and profitable. I think it is a matter of implementing or standardizing it globally, to see the true benefits on a large scale, I also think that supply and demand in this area would create the necessary competitiveness so that costs are proportional and adjusted to trade.
Greetings, @josevas217!