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Recently I was sitting eating something in a bakery and they had the TV on, just at noon, time of the news, I could not help but hear what the news narrator was saying, among some other things she mentioned there was something that caught my attention, Hidden Poverty ... and I was very attentive to what they were saying and I realized the great socio-economic problem that this represents, and also something I can say is from the field of social psychology.


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To better understand what I bring to share we must be clear about the Colombian Socio-Economic organization, since it is from this that this hidden poverty arises. Well, in this country it is categorized by "stratum", I don't know if it is the same in other countries, but in this particular case it is classified in 6, which correspond to the following


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This is especially true for the distribution of public services and the cost of these. Basically, it takes into consideration residential properties and their surroundings.

It is done mainly to charge for public services (water, electricity, sanitation, gas) in a differential way according to the stratum.


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This way, those who have better economic capacity pay more for these services and thus contribute to the lower strata.

There are very noticeable distinguishing characteristics between one stratum and another, for example, in a stratum 1 you can see these conditions, deteriorated streets, or absence of pavement, informal commerce primarily, small commercial premises for food and clothing, among other things.

Also crime, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, in these lower strata (1 and 2) is important.


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In a stratum 3 you can find a better paved, parks near your places of residence, largely residential complexes with private surveillance, with a better view, better access to transportation, schools, among other things.

In strata 4, 5 and 6, it is difficult to find any deteriorated streets, practically all residential complexes have private surveillance and the police presence is almost permanent.

But in the same way, to give you an idea, a gas bill that in stratum 1 can cost 12000 pesos (approximately 4 dollars) in stratum 4 can be worth 70000 pesos (approximately 33 dollars). Even greater is the difference in water, which is a much more expensive service, electricity, sanitation, and the rest.


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Understanding this, being -(a little)- in context, I remember the topic, hidden poverty, let us first define what poverty means in a very simple way, this refers to the incapacity that a person or family nucleus has to satisfy the basic needs, understanding as such food, clothing, studies, light, water, cleaning, transport, health.

Everyone wants to live in a better place, with more opportunities, security, that no service is lacking, we all deserve it, but, here begins a problem that is related, as I see it, with mental patterns that relate economic stability with properties, and it is not necessarily always so. A phenomenon occurs, of people who at some time had some economic stability and managed to acquire a house in a stratum 3, 4 or 5, but now their economic reality has changed, and they cannot even afford public services, but they refuse to leave that stratum and move to another one below.


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I have particularly known people who live in a stratum 4 but are always in debt, and are never well emotionally, eat badly, don't finish their academic or work jobs because they haven't paid for the internet service, eat twice a day if at all... But they live in a good stratum. So this phenomenon, of poverty, is masked by a kind of screen, by appearing many times a status they don't have.

That's why I said at the beginning that it seemed to me to be a case of Social Psychology, since it not only has an economic impact but it also reflects an erroneous conception of their reality. In my opinion, obviously, you can't generalize, each family has its own particularities, but one thing I am clear about is that you have to put your feet on the ground, analyze yourself, and based on reality make decisions.

I wanted to share this particular thing with anyone who likes to read me.

Grateful for your support.

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If i will be sincere, this stratum is virtually everywhere but a lot of people do not want to live on their current status and make decisions on that rather they want to live a concave mirrored life looking big outside and small inside while getting in debt. This is often associated with the low-middle and the middle stratum.

Actually, in my home country, Venezuela, these distinctions were previously very few and far between, which is why I think this qualification has caught my eye so much. Of course, there are always those who want to live in a way they can't economically.
Thank you for your comment

Debt is something I fear because it seems like a financial prison to me however I feel that I owe it to myself to be straightforward and live based on my income and well based on the principles I was brought up on.
I enjoyed reading this one

Hello @josediccus
Thank you for your words.
Duty is something that to some seems like a law of life, always in debt. But, difficult to change certain beliefs.

Debt is a bad thing, and I see no reason why anyone will want to appear self sufficient to the public and live in debt, it does not make any sense to me.

It doesn't make sense to me either, but there are many who don't even wonder if it does or not. They just get into debt and that's it. They seem to think that what others think of them is more important than what they think of themselves.

Thank you for your support @futurekr

Actually this stratum thing can be very confusing as several countries have their level and hierarchy but the truth remains that a lot of people live in hidden poverty and thanks to social media so many people can hide it and live the life they want people to believe they are living.

I had forgotten that great detail of the nets. It's real, many parents have a lot if we look at their social networks... Thank you for that contribution @gbenga

Hi friend @josevas217

I see the differentiation as a very practical tool for the distribution of taxes and maintenance of a society, it seems like a good idea.
Regarding the social aspect, I must say that there are many people who, in order to appear to be well, prosperous and have a high status Quo, acquire debts and do not mind running out of food in order to say "I live in stratum 6". The same happens in many countries, without going far you have the case of the next door neighbor: Venezuela, where people prefer to have the latest cell phone model to have the 3 daily meals. Everything is for looking good and matching what is not.
From my point of view, those people who assume that attitude are empty and frustrated beings who do not enjoy their life.
Very interesting publication, I leave you my humble support! .

If Reinaldo, it is an absurd thing, he had forgotten that detail of our country, of wanting to appear more than he is in terms of economy with a good telephone. It's crazy.
Thank you for support.

I think people live that way because they want to receive some sort of appraisal from friends and they want to look expensive to people who observe, but this type of lifestyle only gets one into more trouble.

No doubt many people live a lie of life, for many it is absurd to do so, but there are those for whom it is simply their way of life.
Thank you for your support @frederickbangs

Big issue. Thanks for covering. Can be so deceptive. I live in Florida and you'd never know it by driving the main roads or even many of the back roads but I hear there are communities of homeless living in the national park systems nearby. From what I understand, a lot of people travel to Florida looking for a dream but instead finding an economic barrier.

These are realities that I unfortunately see every day. I am Venezuelan, and I have been in Bogotá-Colombia for two years. Luckily I have not done badly, the truth is that I have not, but there are many who come to this city in search of a dream, an improvement and end up worse off than they were, because to leave many come with their belongings, and if they return they have nothing left. Thank you for your words @machnbirdsparo

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Among my people there is an old phrase: "cover as far as the blanket reaches" which refers to not exceeding the level of expenditure that can be covered with the income you have, in that sense it asks for conformity between what goes in and what comes out .

Although I also understand that if someone was of a medium or medium high stratum and suddenly sees that their economic capacity is diminishing, they may have a psychological resistance to reducing their standard of living and spending, that is harmful, but it happens that they accept that they It is impoverishing also has a psychological cost and can isolate it socially.

Thank you Professor @Pedrobrito for your contribution.
This is another nuance, living well and then by adverse conditions having to lower the standard of living should not be easy.

You're Welcome!