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Hello PH Community, I hope you are having an excellent start to the week, so good better than expected. Today, I want to talk a little bit about the origins of my involvement in crypto world.

We all have a starting point, to begin something, and some reasons that motivated us to get where we are. In this specific point of finance from the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, my entry was from Trading., but what is this? it seems a bit absurd, because for some who are here is something usual to talk about trading, however everything will always depend on the beginnings, there are those who entered the platform to create and share content, but there are those, as in my case, we started by another way.



At the end of 2017 with the BITCOIN Boom many of us were just beginning to know that this existed, that there was something very expensive that was suddenly going up in price, and many people were happy about that, who wouldn't be content to win large amounts?, so that caught me, and the first thing I knew was TRADING, so I opened my account in Bittrex, Poloniex, etc, and I started to do it... I was losing a little, gaining a little, but that technical analysis and other things bothered me a little, however, I learned to operate some exchange houses, and that is necessary if we are already here.

But all of these: what is trading?

In simple words you can say it is buying and selling, in this case cryptocurrencies, but it is a term applicable to different areas, but always related to buying at one price and selling to a higher one to obtain some profit in that exchange.

In that transit, reading, researching, because you have to study to do it, contemplate many aspects (politics, economic agreements, prohibitions, halving, study of projects behind the crypto coins, among other things) to be able to somehow "predict " if a currency is going to rise or fall, I found the Token steem, of a platform where you could win something for publishing, similar to Hive. And that's how I came to this platform to share content in January 2018.

Therefore, because of my beginnings in the crypto-world I can understand a little easier the handling in the exchange houses among other things. Recently I have started again to do some trading, but through Binance, and also I subscribed to virtual classes to learn how to trade in Forex. I know it's a highly speculative market, where you can lose or gain a lot, but it doesn't hurt to learn about it, I think everything I've learned will always be a gain. It's something that I like, and despite having a job at the moment, this new reality that you don't know what will happen next, the best thing is to create other sources of income, that will never hurt.

So soon I will be sharing some information regarding that topic, I do not know it, not for now, but I already started to study a little bit about it, I hope that by understanding the operation of other exchange houses and other markets it will be a little easier for me to understand this market, I hope so.

I will always continue in the search to advance, and the possibilities that the internet offers us are infinite, it is necessary to learn some, because reality is constantly changing, and if from home other people can produce enough to live comfortably and with dignity, I am sure I can do it too.

Thank you very much for reading me.

Have an excellent week.


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You write so beautifully. I like how you use your personal experience, adds conviction to what you say, because it makes 'practical sense' . This was quite refreashing, although I been thinking Forex trading is spam. I can tell you why. Every one keeps advertising, invest so much money and we will tell you when to trade and you will make lots of money. that did not sound you know credible.

Anyway... I am full time crypto learning, not that I have time for that you know. Covid times half a day goes on cleaning and then another quauter writting, then some time reading crypto news, than doing TA, its pretty diverse and there are lots of cryptos to read about. Keeps you busy, atleast it keeps me busy.

However, Bitcoin and crypto and blockchain landscape has grown tremendouly since 2017, so have I in my crypto learning, investing and stuff... crypto teaches you to learn and grow tough...because got hurt with losing money trading(: only making some gains with the bull run. But I will remember to book profits so its all worth it this time, a little hands on with TA does help, but not bothering about selling exact top, buying exact bottom. As long as I booked profits, I have won(:


Hello @mintymile

Thank you very much for your nice comment, I usually try to write some things related to my life, always give it a personal touch.
The world of cryptomoney trading is complicated, you have to have many strategies to avoid big losses, but you can. Of course, I'm taking things up again, I'm far from being an expert, but something is always learned every day, you're right, it's complicated to make optimal use of time when there are so many tasks at home, I understand.

Thank you very much for coming in.

I love and admire how you you have maintained a positivity mindset, even right from time, you knew learning hurts a little, sometimes. Yeah, it is not easy to learn something you don't have the knowledge off. It might be a little difficult at times and seen like you should quit, but yet you stood firm and now, you are gaining from it.
Crypto world is a beautiful one, and everyday and technology grows, different things happen to it, new set of people dive into it. I think I will stick to your blog these days, would like to learn from you too. Patiently waiting for your next upcoming posts you promised to share.

Hello @bernie111
Sorry for the late response, but things in life sometimes get complicated, but here I am, I try not to leave comments without responding, much less if they are as nice as this comment you left me.

Difficult situations are for learning, not for regretting. You can stop for a moment, to contemplate what you have done wrong, but to learn from it.
Blockchains and cryptocurrencies can be a bit abstract for some people, but when you understand it, it becomes very striking.

Thank you very much for coming in, welcome always to my blog, thank you very much.


Con el apoyo de la familia.

Gracias por el apoyo.

Hi Jose, how are you? I also started trading but it went badly, I would say that I lost at least 3 ethics of course at that time they did not cost as much as now jeejej, but it is certainly an interesting world because if one manages to learn to have a stable profitability, You could travel the world while you work. I think that is what I like most about trading the versatility of being able to work no matter where you are.


Hi @hendersonp

That's wonderful, what you mention, if you achieve a good performance in that aspect, you can work very well from any country. But you have to have good technique and strategy to avoid so many losses, because it's normal to lose, but let the gains be more than the losses.
All the transactions there are always some that are not favorable, but the important thing is that most of them are.

How long of that my friend, this road is long but in the end it bears fruit and you are proof of that.
constancy is the way.

Constant work, that's right.
Thank you, a lot of what I've learned is for your support.

Great post, @josevas217.

I tried to be a trader a few weeks ago, but I still need to study hard to get into this world in the right way.

Friend @wiseagent, this trading world is complex, you have to dedicate time to it, but it's interesting, I'm taking a liking to it again.
Little by little you can.

Te apoyo cuando dices: "Siempre seguiré en la búsqueda por avanzar, y las posibilidades que nos ofrece internet son infinitas, es necesario aprender algunas, porque la realidad está en constante cambio".
Un abrazo.

Encausados en la tecnología, no podemos dejar de abordar ese autobús aún cuando en ocasiones, sintamos temor por lo desconocido. La tecnología bien utilizada, abre muchos caminos de progreso. Gracias por compartir conocimiento, querido amigo @josevas217. Mi apoyo en el #toptres y un abrazo!...

Hola @marybellrg
Si, ciertamente, la tecnología abre muchas oportunidades, lo que hay es que saberlas buscar.
Gracias por comentar.

Greetings friend @josevas217, excellent post, I know people who have been doing very well TRADING with BITCOIN, but with several years of experience, and as you mention for it you have to investigate or study a lot to try to predict that cryptomoney is going to go down to buy and wait for its value to go up to sell, I have always intended to invest and trade with BITCOIN but someday I will try, thanks friend for sharing your experiences, success.