If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided everything will fail

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“If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided everything will fail. Winston Churchill.

Hello community today I want to share this phrase of an illustrious man, who went down in history for having a philosophy in which he urged to work as a team and the strength that this had by itself. Every company or project will always have difficult moments, it is normal, even life itself individually presents us with some complex situations that force us to face and overcome them, but surely you will agree with me that working as a team, in an organized and united way, these problems will be easier to overcome.

Those of us who have had the good fortune to work in a successful project, with a united team, with similar principles and needs, know that in unity there is strength. And that good results end up being the outcome.


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“Our strengths lie in our differences, not in our similarities.” Stephen Covey.

Differences between different team members are normal, they are even necessary, because they allow us to see what we need, and that is what allows complementarity. But, all this must be guided in the search for the best results that benefit everyone, of course, that is to channel the energies of all towards a common goal.

Differences allow us to value diversity, we live in a globalized world, each country and region of the world has its history and idiosyncrasy, its way of seeing life, its own problems to solve, there is no perfect country, of course, but it is clear that there are some that have a stability that puts them and their citizens in a privileged position, and often does not allow them to see or understand other realities, and even to judge them.

But, the important thing is that each one of them in their space works for the common good, and each one of us is doing our own in the space of the world we are in and with the tools we have. I do not consider anyone to be better than anyone else, we are simply different, and this difference is not necessarily by choice, but responds to a historical origin.... I will always insist, differences are necessary, but we must know them, respect them and recognize that each of us as part of a whole can contribute great things.

We must never forget that the achievements that we can obtain as a project, whatever we develop, are directly proportional to the efforts that each one of us makes.

“Arriving together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford.

Particularly, I have lived through many complex situations at work, I have worked in places where tensions are a constant, and the only thing that has allowed "as a team " we could have good results is the fact of working together for what we had committed ourselves to, each one doing what corresponded to him/her.

Something necessary and indispensable, which ends up showing many realities as a team become present is when there are complex situations, when everything goes well it is easy for anyone to continue, however, the real responsibility and co-responsibility is implemented only when things go differently than expected.

At the end of the road, the experience that remains from difficult situations are the ones that make us grow, at least that is something I believe in, and that I have personally been able to live.

I bid farewell to the community, hoping that everything is going in the best way.

Take care, and have a great week ahead.


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Hello friend @josevas217

"If we are divided everything will fail" this expression is as true as our own existence, friend Jose since the origin of the human species social unity, even sensory and spiritual unity have always had a vital role in our survival as a species, since acting united (in group) creates better disposition to face any adversity, and as you rightly mention at the end of the road, the experience that remains of difficult situations are the ones that make us grow as a person and as a community.

Best regards, be well.

As you say my friend, differences are necessary and that drives us to improve, in an organization where everyone thinks alike there are great chances of failure, if everyone is very cautious will not run any risk and get potential benefits and if on the contrary would run unnecessary risks, so the teamwork benefits from the differences and respect the opinions with the goal of a common good.

Greetings @josevas217 excellent material, which fits us like a glove.
Undoubtedly in these times of crisis, fear, uncertainty the differences of each of us gives us an advantage to the problem we face today, because we can approach it from different perspectives, always aiming at the collective welfare that allow us to make the best of our beloved community.

Hi dear friend @josevas217

the only thing that has allowed "as a team " we could have good results is the fact of working together

Well said friend, a team working hard can move forward with any situation, no matter how adverse it may seem, at this moment we are going through a difficult moment and as a team we must continue working with the same love as always and if possible with more love

I totally agree with you, being united first and foremost enables good communication and the establishment of shared goals that will result in an organisation with a solid foundation. Congratulations.

There is a great power in unity, a United association is usually unbreakable.

I agree with you , if we are in group we can achieve everything and if we are alone we cannot do anything. It's like one person cannot turn up the stone but a bunch of people can turn up the stone and throw also.