Human intelligence and artificial intelligence in decision making

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Until recently, when we spoke of intelligence, we were talking about a purely human capacity, although some say that animals also have their own level of intelligence.

A very basic concept of this is that it is the *"capacity to solve problems". At the same time, the concept of intelligence is closely related to the concepts of learning and memory, which are the ability to maintain knowledge that is acquired through experience.



The human being has been able to evolve thanks to this ability to learn since it allows him to always advance from a more advanced point. Thanks to the many studies that have been carried out on the human brain and how it processes information, the way in which it is stored, among other things, and to technological advances, it has been possible to transfer this information to a computer language.

With all this in turn has emerged a new concept, Machine Learning1, which is the ability that computers have and this is artificial intelligence to learn and make decisions based on complex analysis of large amounts of information and also to save the information from this process for future decision making.

1Machine Learning is a scientific discipline in the field of Artificial Intelligence that creates systems that learn automatically.Source

In general terms, both artificial and human intelligence work in a similar way, accumulating information that they will later use to analyze certain situations and make a decision that -is presumed- is the most convenient for the moment.
There are -in my opinion- two fundamental and transcendental differences if we compare one intelligence with another, the first of these is the amount of information that must be analyzed to make a decision.

In the case of digital, there are measures to facilitate the quantification of the information used, but how do we measure this in human intelligence?

For years, days, memories? it is something difficult to do, to quantify everything related to the human mind.

The second point I want to make in this regard and here is where I believe there is a considerable advantage of artificial intelligence over human intelligence, and that is at the emotional level.

Practically all decisions that we as humans make are guided to a large extent by the emotional, and that is that even previously acquired knowledge was made in a context where the emotional itself already makes us interpret it in one way or another.

Example of the involvement of the emotional in decision making:

When we are in a work environment where making decisions implies risking a lot of capital and when the time comes to assume and execute a certain decision, but we are going through a strong family problem, it is very likely that the emotion that predominates at that very moment plays against us and does not allow us to see the whole context.

This detail, the emotional one, affects until now in the decision making process carried out by the artificial intelligence and it is that it assumes a decision when from the analysis that it carries out from the logical point of view of a great amount of data in real time and for this same reason the possibilities that it acts erroneously based on Manipulations of the market by some false news or movements of masses are less probable what happens if we compare it with the possibilities that there are when it is only the human who takes the decision

Not by this I mean that artificial intelligence is above human intelligence.

Despite this "independence ", what could the IA have for decision making will always be necessary (or at least for now) from the presence of a human being who can act in case of emergency in the algorithmic system with which it works.
So the human being will always be present in everything related to technology, now what impresses me is that there will be less and less presence of labor replaced by machines ...

What other characteristics can you name that make the difference in human intelligence to artificial intelligence?

Do you think that the presence of the emotional is always important in decision making?

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Allegedly, the worst enemies of investors are - themselves. Humans are too emotional, sometimes they seek to avoid defeats instead of to reach goals or success. Machines can be superior in many cases. But they are still not humans. I think creativity is what AI doesn't have.

And emotions, passion. What is a disadvantage in many decisions, can be an advantage in other cases. Like creativity, arts, philosophy, other sciences. The same thing what makes us erroneous and vulnerable, makes us also successful and adaptive, progressive, developing. Human.

That's a pretty good view @deathcross
Certainly, emosions can be a double-edged sword. But nevertheless, it's something that has allowed us to move forward, to evolve.

Thank you for that comment which complements very well what I intend to say in this publication.

Solid read. Upvoted and resteemed already :)

Grateful @projec.hope

I'm glad you liked muy publication.

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The human intelligence have been programmed into artificial intelligence, in some cases, the combination of two to three human intelligence is placed in one of those machines therefore making them feel superior and fast when compared with humans knowledge. The human knowledge and capability in certain areas however remains irreplaceable.

I wonder to what extent humans will somehow delegate tasks to machines, to robots...
When there are even accompanying bots, of course, I don't think they can engage in conversation with the total hilarity of human beings, but if they come close he he

Well to start with, AI per si has a lot of techniques. It's not just spinning software and you get results. In fact, most of the work has to be actually human-based. Then, after you have the right selection of inputs and characteristics, you can start having some fun with the diverse world of software and hardware.

By the way, have you guys already know the biggest AI chip ever? Check my last post about it... HUGE thing!

The human being must be present practically in the whole process, of course,
is the one who creates, modifies, adjusts.

I must assume you enjoy the whole process. I know particularly little about programming, but it must be something that excites the person doing it.