Education in cryptology and Blockchain is necessary

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I've encountered some resistance from people when they're told about something related to cryptocurrencies. I find it a bit strange, but I understand it, the lack of knowledge makes people stay away, there is also a lack of information from centralized entities, which make it clear what blockchain and crypts are.

Let's be clear, most people are used to simpler platforms of dominas, much easier to publish and they get like and it makes them happy, even if they don't earn more than that, a few like in many of the nonsense things they could publish.



There is another point that I believe has had repercussions on a somewhat limiting vision and keeps many away from approaching what cryptocurrencys have to do with, for example:

  • The recent limitation and all the commotion about Libra, the crypto-currency of Facebook, that finally paralyzed it, and used what happened before with the use of user data for other purposes...

  • Another case, and no less important, was the recent case of the Telegram cryptomoney, which also had many pronouncements by some important institutions in the world's economy and finance.

  • The prohibition or limitation of uploading videos to Youtube related to Cryptocurrencies. Can in many cause a bad impression, because if they limit the content for something bad must be, they will assume some without going further.

I believe that these facts make many people, from total ignorance, see with bad eyes what the cryptomund refers to, however, it can only say ignorance is free. Of course everyone has the right to decide what they invest their time in, whether it's something that won't generate more profit than a I like or to earn some dollars and good relations through a blockchain-based platform. To conclude I comment the following:

A few days ago someone who is in Italy asked me the favor of receiving money in my bank account from his bank to send it to his mother. For some bureaucratic reason he could not execute the transfer despite having the Iban and Swift code for it. I've been using Localbitcoin for these processes for a long time, but when I mentioned the option he was scared, he simply told me that he was against it... I'm sure you have no idea of the benefits you can get from using this, but, I don't waste time with people like that...

Just like him, others have told me that they do not conceive how they can win here nor much less how to convert it later to FIAT currency, trying to explain is usually difficult... but I continue, help those who allow themselves to be helped, if they do not want to, I can only continue with my thing...
There is a lack of education in Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, in a way I think there is a kind of campaign by totally centralized institutions with the intention that it does not gain more strength... This is purely a personal opinion...

Thanks for reading me


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You're lucky, in my case they show me crucifixes and garlic ;-D

Education is important. Only if people can have knowledge of benefits embedded in crypto. Knowledge is really power.

Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I believe that for blockchain technology to go mainstream, people need to be educated in it the more. If I may suggest, it should be added into schools curriculum and be taught in schools.

Nice piece buddy