The Human Design; What Are The Greatest Strength And Shortcomings?

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The human design is sophisticated beyond apprehension and sometimes we fail to see this because we're blinded by its shortcomings. Shortcomings are a huge factor that cause beration on ourselves; our design and our entity in general. This is why mundane things such as beauty, IQ and wealth often showcases superiority or inferiority between people rather than the inbuilt untapped core abilities that's hardly visible by all means. But then the lack of the things I mentioned above and many more aren't really shortcomings, they're just things we value as people that is hardly ever essential.

One of man's biggest shortcomings is showcasing sentimentality when the wit of logicality is desperately needed and inasmuch as this can also have a side to positivity it Often blinds the ability to awaken the senses that are necessary to prove we're more a sophisticated design. The ability to showcase intuition is a sense that's not even amongst our five senses. When a person can feel that something is right and another thing is not. This is a superior sense of discernment that is in-built into us but sometimes, too much sentiment and emotion deadens this senses. And we're often left at the whims and caprices of what we feel rather than what we are.

In all honesty, there's a little fraction of things that happens to us that wouldn't really have happened in the first place. We as a design, we're smart, our wisdom is voluminous, undetermined by education or exposure. but then we are complex in personality, Heterogeneous in character and dual in most of the meanings we make. In a simple term there's no simplicity to us as people and too much sophistication, too much wisdom sometimes makes us become irregular, too enigmatic and bogus and it sometimes makes us unaware that we're more capable than we feel or know.

I'm not trying to attribute every human fallibility to sentiments and emotion because this has a huge advantage to it. In essence, we're more capable than we feel and sometimes the things that happens in the physical isn't a proof or a test of our capabilities as people. We have two worlds from a human perspective; the one we live in and the one we create mentally however the one we create mentally can influence our actions and lives in reality. Most people are almost nobody in the world we live in, but mentally they're fabricators, they're people that can change or influence the physical world with their creative imaginations. But then they allow limitations determine who they are.

Irrespective of our shortcomings, we're far capable than we know and we ourselves ought to become a study we suppose to take time to understand our core selves and understanding ourselves will help us know how capable we are. Sometimes we embody hidden gems and involuntarily we let them off under pressure or just by sarendipity and we it surprises us as to how capable we can become. We need to understand that we will only become strangers to ourselves and this is ironical seeing that we as an entity is the first thing we should Completely understand as we gradually become more aware in life.

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I am much impressed by your critical thinking in the aspect of life.
The one we live in and the one we create
I believe that life is a gift from God and we must spend it following the rules and regulations described ny our God.
As it is the best way to get the Best life🖤🖤
Wish you Great Luck brother🖤😘

Thanks for input, yeah the one we live in and the one we create

Interesting your publication my friend, it is important to know yourself and know what we are capable and what not, know how to manage our emotions so that these do not affect our day to day. Most people are more aware of the superficial than what really matters, as is Peace of Mind and being more competent every day.

Yeah it's important to see oneself as a case study because who better knows us than ourselves? Thanks for the comment

It's sad that in today's world a person value is in the qualification, amount of money held, status, home and all those external things, but the true value of a person is within. Truly our capabilities are much more then we can imagine, but we succumb to external pressures and under estimate the power of our self and our in built wisdom that we possess. Wonderful read

Yeah the value of a person is within. Themselves and everything they eschew. Thanks for your comment. It's appreciated