Information & Information Research; Why Will Information Stay Forever Lucrative?

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An answer is a direct reciprocation to a question and inasmuch as neither would exist without the other, to me, it's very dangerous to have questions and there's no source of any answer. Propaganda exists because of humanity's insatiable desire for answers to curiosity. Humans often panic when they can't access information which should provide a needed answer this is because information is life and when life depends on information to continuously thrive then there will be a sort of pressure to milk off information from anywhere to satiate the purpose through which a question is asked. Needless to say, the susceptibility to "want" or "desire" information or answers at all cost is the reason why the provision of information is often monetised, taken advantage of or even tweaked to serve an individual nefarious purpose

In media industry, information sells because it's a provision through which a populace, organisation and any entity can act on. The change in mining or electricity generation in a country like Nigeria is an information which a country like Ghana will need, why? this is because Ghana is an ardent customer that depends on Nigeria for electricity and if they get information on this particular policy change then it'll help them make decisions quickly in other to enable them to continue having power either coming to terms with new terms and conditions or striking a deal with another country. Information research is one of the most rigorous tasks this is because the excessive request for information is why many choose to sell imitated materials* especially like the one's you'd find on the internet.

Nevertheless humans cannot live without information because this would be tantamount to ignorance and ignorance kills innovations or the quest for further development in all aspects. during the Roman empire, information was considered the most powerful tool because it wins war and that was why the importance of spies or the act of spying was really taken seriously. In fact information can increase the odds of a person who has it more than another who doesn't because it changes the course of an action that could have been taken in an initial time. Currently the world is in need of information that can cure corona virus and you would be surprised to see that many entities has generated a lot of false information to sell to the general public in other to promote their own agenda.

However, humans would continuously be in the need for information and this is why information will not cease to be marketable. It was once alleged that facebook sells the data of their user to some cooperate organisation. Data often determines stats especially used in the budget of a nation or for others psychographic or demographic purposes and this is why it's important that we realise how personal data can be lucrative especially when it's sold. In conclusion the need for information heralds the need for information research, however the excessive desire for information births propaganda. We can't however control the way information is sought after because of its proof of invaluability. Every information you therefore hold is powerful and because information isn't definite it'll continue to be manipulated and hoarded to the highest bidder.

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Yeah, information is what drives technology and innovation. In is priceless in everyway.