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RE: What if we crossed the wall

in Project HOPElast year

Kind regards my friend, that surely was a nice discussions about tokenomics (as it is called on the western side of the world).

IMO Bitcoin deflation (because of the halving) is not a good example of increasing value to a told. Why? Because there are always more of us potentially joining in as time passes and with less supply it Will become a more centralized coin as time passes.

That being said we have to find ways to outweight the dilution Hive tokens suffer when new tokens are minted, as far as I understood the demand is pumped by utility and scarcity... Thus I would focus more on the utility part, we have to find more sinks for the Hive besides the Resource Credits, here quality over quantity of sinks is crucial.

Hive/Steem needs a way to be used as a mechanism to unlock a feature that the userbase wants on a consistently basis. There are many features like this on the internet (game's premium items, online courses, e-commerce, premium access to some celebrities content, etc) but they use the USD as the anchor... Not saying this is easy, but somebody with enough power have to start this to create the snowball effect and grant to Hive/Steem the required momentum for it to consolidate its value and outweigh the dilution caused by the necessary inflation (necessary cuz there will be more users [hopefully] and the network should increase it's decentralization).


Which is way, SMT supposed to take over all that, and in the end it make steem become so valuable and so expensive to own, and all the smart media should all run their own contracts tokens and pegged by STEEM(or HIVE now).

Eventually, the only protective measure now is potatoes, but half of them, and sown half of them. I understand the idea of utility token, but currently other than games utility, I haven't seen real exchangeable value just yet. Moreover, #wherein project currently entirely based on #steem, so it's kinda stuck. Other than a 500ksp curation account that distributing rewards to the users, I don't see how it can hold value(may be I'm too dumb to see that). I'm kind worry my stake, frankly, on both platforms.

The attention industry is based on exactly that, attention... Actually I hoped that wherein gets noticed by people in China... In get that you should get people's attention, what people wants to see, to hear, how they want to engage.

Once you have a big network, you just could make it by monetizing targeted ads from users browsed tags or communities.

The only thing that it takes is to have some celebrities and influencers to drive their fans there and have it all ready to receive them and let them taste the addictive nature of our platform lol.

If I had enough funds I would devote my full time to this endeavor, I see it has a 90% chance of success! Also, it is a potential massive profit.

Wish my upvote worth more. This is all I have.