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RE: What does your income from Hive represent for you? - Contest

in Project HOPE8 months ago

We need more conversations like this. Not all the people on Hive are able to just #hodl. Some literally put food on the table with what they earn here on Hive. !tip

If you are looking to join a great interactive & supportive #HIVE community on discord that not only welcomes ALL content genres but isn't just a massive sea of spammers and plagiarists... then come and join us in the Power House Creatives Server


Thanks a lot for your comment and the tip!

My pleasure :)

I fully agree with you @jaynie

If you would ever plan to launch your own contest or know someone who does, then I would gladly "sponsor it" the way we did it here. By allocating some solid upvotes from @project.hope to most valuable comments.

ps. I hope we can put our past behind (you used to dislike me for my mass memos) and instead find ways of collaborating to bring more value to HIVE blockchain.

Yours, Piotr