Body language and business

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Several weeks ago I was invited to enjoy a video related to self-confidence and the application of some rules or tricks to overcome some obstacles in the business world.
As a result, I continued some inquiries on the subject and managed to cover some issues related to the business world, such as: body language in business and how body movements, gestures, facial expressions, among others can be interpreted.

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It is known to all of us that in business we continue to carry out operations, agreements, agreements and other activities related to the administrative, operational and financial scope.

All this implies interworking with various people with who we must usually maintain communication directly or indirectly, where it is very important to express during these a positive attitude, to send an appropriate message to our partners and to facilitate the negotiations and/or deals that we want to close.
It is important to note that in order to achieve the proposed objectives, we must take into account many aspects between which our body language must be taken into account and ensure that we convey the correct message to our interlocutor.



To do this, it is important to know the meanings or interpretations of the various gestures or bodily movements that we usually perform in meetings, business deals or business conferences.
Here are some of them:
Hands: keeping your hands with your palms up, denotes a non-threatening attitude, can be interpreted as honesty, cordiality and candor.

When the palms of the hands are held down, it denotes authority; as if pointed with the finger is of accusation or offense.
Hands with intertwined fingers show frustration of the interlocutor, the placement of the hands between the highest esten is interpreted as a very negative attitude of the interlocutor towards the announcer.
hands on the face can be interpreted as the announcer telling lies, or that the interlocutor is bored of what he is hearing or lack of interest in the subject.

The Head: the movements with the head from top to bottom demute assent or conformity with what is being heard.

Conversely, movements on one side to the other are interpreted as disagreeing.


The Look: Direct eye contact for a long time can be interpersed as a threat. It is important to make eye contact with the interlocutor for small spans of amximo 20 seconds, then you must deflect the gaze for a few 3 seconds and make eye contact for similar lapses.

This allows you to maintain interest in the topic and transmits confidence to the listener.
Usually people who do not maintain eye contact with their interlocutor can be interpreted as a sign of mistrust, shyness or insecurity.
An important fact to consider, when a business is being conducted or closed, eye contact should be made in such a way that the gaze focuses on an imaginary triangle formed by the eyes and forehead, in order to transmit serenity and confidence to the other person.
On the other hand, when speaking in a meeting with several listeners, the exhibitor's gaze should focus on the imaginary triangle formed by the eyes and mouth, this in order to convey sincerity, candor and cordiality to those who listen.
Two very important signs to consider are when you suddenly remove your gaze and look with a frown, both of which can be interpreted as boredom or lack of interest.


Eyebrows: A raised eyebrow can be a sign of doubt, just as both raised are considered surprise and both descents are considered discomfort.
Arms: Crossed arms can be considered as a defensive or discomfort attitude.

However, it also shows discomfort or disagreement when intertwining hands in front of the body.
Finally, when the person listening is seated and extends body back, he transmits insecurity, disinterest, mistrust and/or fear.

In conclusion, it is important to note that all these body signals must be considered so as not to make a movement that can be misinterpreted to read the signals of the people with which we communicate.



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Very interesting to read your article! That's great inputs. As a biz woman, I often have to do presentation with clients and such notices will help me a lot ^^ Thank you.

Hi @babeltrips
Great that the information will help you, thank you for your visit and comment.

My pleasure & I like to spend time to read what people share on Hive, very meaningful and helpful, that what I like from our community 🤗

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Hello dear @janettyanez, I agree with you, it is necessary to take care of body language to avoid misinterpretations of what we want to express, especially in the workplace.
Very good topic, thanks for sharing.
Success and blessings

Hi dear @raizayanez
I agree with you, thank you for visit and commend.