My first experience exchanging Hive tokens! YAY!

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First of all, a big greeting to the entire Project Hope community and, unquestionably, to all the readers, because without you this platform would not work.

As usual, unfortunately, I always have to spend what I earn on STEEM faster than it takes a monkey to peel a banana ^_^

But thanks to this new platform, Hive! Now I also earn Hive tokens.

So I take this opportunity to show you how I exchanged them into my country's currency.

For all my Venezuelan friends who have not tried yet, here are the steps I took to achieve my goal

1.- I exchanged the HIVE DOLLARS (HBD) for HIVE in the marketplace, market, listed on the Hive wallet site

When I click on the market link I get an exchange that allows me to trade Hive tokens

I enter the amount of HBD (1.619) that I want to exchange and then I click on the BUY HIVE button, automatically I can see the amount of HIVE (3.81) that I will receive at the top

2.- Then I used Blocktrades site to exchange the Hive tokens to STEEM

Why did I exchange them for STEEM? Because in order to convert them into my country's currency, the exchange I use (Orinoco) does not yet trade HIVE tokens

Immediately GinaBot notified me that it had received the requested amount of STEEM from Blocktrades

3.- Finally, I exchange my STEEMs into my country's currency.

Particularly, the exchange I use to trade my STEEM tokens is Orinoco, which is a very fast and reliable platform. They're also on Discord.

I'm really happy that I can do this kind of exchange because it allows me to earn a little more and have an extra income to face the difficult situations we live every day.

A big hug and I remind you to take care of yourselves and your loved ones even more.

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Felicitaciones @jadams2k18 excelente post. Bien detallado y explicado.


Thank you very much ^_^

@tipu curate

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Hi my friend,
I'm happy that you manage to exchange the Hive tokens to bolivares. That's a great! It would be amazing if Orinoco would accept direct hive deposits, like that you could save one transaction.

Nice post!

best regards,

Hello!!! Yes, It was amazing! :D

It would be amazing if Orinoco would accept direct hive deposits,

Maybe they will in the near future

Stay safe, stay home

Kind regards!

Gracias por compartir @jadams2k18 !

Gracias a ti por pasar por aquí ^_^

Hi @jadams2k18.
An excellent one to be able to change our hives, this very well explained friend.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks my friend. Fortunately, thanks to Hive we now have another income :D

Stay safe & strong