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As a loyal customer, you are often given return vouchers with an attractive discount.

First purchase by new customers with the promotional voucher or voucher code will get huge discount.

These are really marketing baits to lure sales by giving out candies that often make many customers buy more than they need.


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Many of us will often visit a shop before the expiry date of our discount voucher because we are afraid of losing out on a good deal even when we do not really need the products.

When we step into a shop, we may intend to only spend the minimal to qualify for the discount, we end up buying more.

The shop may offer free gifts when we spend a certain amount of money and we are often attracted by anything that is free.

The truth is this free gift has just made us spend more than we want to.

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We may have bought things that may be left on the shelves collecting dust.

The impulsion of spending due to return vouchers, voucher codes and many other baits is really hard to resist.

One needs to have the firm will to ensure that we buy what we need and spend what we can afford or within the budget of the month.

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When we buy things that we do not need even if there is a great discount or free gift, we are literally throwing money into the drain.

These baits are marketing strategies with psychological brain washing.

The joy of buying cheaper things is another factor for impulsive buying.

With greater awareness, we must learn to throw away discount vouchers for things that we do not need.

It may be hard in the beginning but we may save more in the long run.

I hope this article is able to raise your awareness of the marketing baits that can trap us in spending more than we need to.

It is a simple truth but we are too blinded by our greed for discount or free gifts.

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This has definitely been one of the most common marketing strategies out there and as you indicated is a result of manipulation based on human behaviour. There have been a few studies over the year to show how prices of deals don’t often reflect a ‘good’ deal when you compare them to average prices throughout the year. Black Friday sales are really bad for employing this strategy. Thanks for the summary

Thank you for your quality comment. This article is simply my personal view of how discount vouchers can be disadvantage when we buy things we do not need. It is true that a good deal may not really be a good deal. I am seeing sales at my local shops almost throughout the year before Covid-19. A great discount is still good if we can buy what we need but most of us will go online to buy since it is cheaper nowadays.

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