Tavern Games the game you must try!

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The Steem chain is characterized by its variety of content and its multiple applications that make this Blockchain a very pleasant place, for those who read, those who write, those who prefer audiovisual content or game lovers.

Today I want you to accompany me on a tour of a platform that is offering a very simple, easy-to-use, safe and easy-to-use game alternative, where you can have fun while earning money; it's about the platform https://taverngames.io/


What is TaverGames.

It is a game recently presented in the blockchain of steem, and is based on a prediction system where you should try to guess if the amount of SACK you own is MORE, EVEN OR LESS to those of the tavern goblin, the odds of winning In this game they are really good and you will have a lot of fun while you earn STEEM which is automatically deposited in your wallet in each round of the game.


You can get rewards by completing daily missions for seven days and you will receive a chest at the end of each week, while accumulating points in the ranking that will allow you to win chests with different elements that you can use in the game to increase your chances of winning.

"Using the Tavern, you can get rewards. They include different types of chests where you can find items allowing you to play the game, multiplying points scored in the ranking as well as the items increasing your chances to win!"

descarga (19) - copia.png

Chest of beginners.

But that's not all! ... When you enter Tavern Games and complete some startup tasks that will teach you more about the game, you will receive a chest of beginners to start the fun.

Referral system.

"Recommend the game to your friends and have fun playing TavernGames. Perhaps you are lucky and on the recommendation, you will be rewarded with an epic chest containing incredible items!"

The Tavern Games system is designed so that you can use it on both your PC and your mobile devices, so that fun always travels with you.

Now I share a small introductory guide to prepare for you:

In the first image that I edit for you you will find what is the interface of the beginning of the game where you find different options and actions to execute, in this I show you how to get the different currencies that you can use in the game.

Image1Image 2
gewrtssdon - copia.pngdescarga (17) - copia.png

After pressing the button to get here this action will take you to the next screen where the type of currency you want to get and the amount, the same image shows you the amount of Steem in your wallet and the cost of the coins you want to get, press get coins and the system directs you to complete the operation through Steem Conect.

Image 3Image 4
ScreenShot_20200305225817.pngdescarga (18).png

After completing the operation through Steem Conect you are ready to start the challenge, select the number of coins, depending on the number will be the amount of opportunities you will have to predict and depending on the amount this determines your reward amount.

Image 5 shows the amount of SACK you have and the prediction options, if what you own will be greater, equal to or less than the one due to the goblin, depending on the option you choose, press the PLAY button and the die is cast, if you hit In the prediction you get the reward in steem that shows the option you chose and this amount is automatically transferred to your wallet.

If you don't get it right, keep trying your luck will surely smile at you!

Image 5Image 6
descarga.pngdescarga (17).png

After pressing PLAY the final result appears, as shown in image 6, if you want to keep trying you just have to press NEXT GAME and continue the game

The developers of Tavern Games have just launched on the same platform another very similar game called THE BLIND RUNE, which you can find when entering the platform, only to not make you the longest publication I decided to make a second publication dedicated only to THE BLIND RUNE

Try Tavern Games and live a great experience!

PROJECT #HOPE An Initiative to give hope!

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Excellent game.
Friend @fucho80 I have tried it soon I will also make a publication ..

I congratulate the developers of this game. @taverngames

I must also do my review about this wonderful game.
I loved it

Muy bueno, Gracias amigo, esperare esa publicación!

We really appreciate your work. Good job!

Thank you friend, this is part of the work of @project.hope, welcome to our community.

@tipu curate

@tipu curate

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Hi @fucho80

Excellent game that has hooked me since I know him thanks to @crypto.piotr
I must say that it is very addictive and has a high playability. What I like most is its environment and how friendly the game is, especially since its developers took the trouble to make an interface for those who use mobile phones.

Very good guide, I congratulate you.

Hi friend @reinaldoverdu, sorry for the late reply.

Very good guide, I congratulate you.

Thank you for your comment, the game is really very good and easy to play, very attractive.

You mentioned showing different currencies that will be used in playing the game, I think that means we have to purchase those currencies right?

Yes, you have to purchase steem for Tavern Coins.
For example 0,1 TC = 0,1 STEEM
The payouts directly goes to your account.
Coins allow you to play smoothly without the necessary transaction confirmation.

You mentioned showing different currencies that will be used in playing the game, I think that means we have to purchase those currencies right?

Yes friend, that is the investment you make in the game, 0.1 coins; 0.5 all anchored to the value of steem, it is very simple when investing in those currencies, is what I explain in the guide to obtain the currencies.

Thanks for reading this post!

Thanks for that review @fucho80

Hello friend @crypto.piotr, thank you for being here. Regards!