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RE: Earning Cold Rewards in the DeVault Blockchain | Ganando recompensas frías en la blockchain de DeVault

in Project HOPE6 months ago

Hello friend @ritch, very good information, interesting project.

Friend thanks or for sharing this publication with us, I am very interested in this, it shows that it is a serious project and that it can be successful.

Thanks greetings!


Hi @fucho80, the devault project has great fundamentals. Fast transactions (<3 seconds), low fees (0.02 DVT), DAO structure (1 DVT = 1 VOTE), Cold rewards by holding more than 25K DVT, no ICO, no premine, etc. The future plans are to improve the privacy of the users by mixing the transactions and the tokenization for specific projects.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your support by reblogging this post.