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RE: Experiencing the new normal.

in Project HOPE10 months ago

Hello @wiseagent. We are definitely in the obligation to adapt to our new reality, for many of us all these new measures are totally uncomfortable, yet they protect our lives, so we must respect them for our survival. This virus changed everything.

Thanks friend, welcome to Project HOPE, regards!

Hola @wiseagent. Definitivamente estamos en la obligación de adaptarnos a nuestra nueva realidad, para muchos de nosotros todas estas nuevas medidas son totalmente incómodas, sin embargo, resguardan nuestra vida, así que debemos respetarlas por nuestra supervivencia. Este virus cambió todo.

¡Gracias amigo, bienvenido a Project HOPE, saludos!


Adapting to changes (especially unexpected ones) is a very complicated process, but it's necessary to understand that the current situation in the world requires this (urgently).

Thanks for the welcome, @fucho80.